Cobra T-shirt by Greg Tedder
Cobra Country's "427 Ford Cobra Snake" T-shirt by artist Greg Tedder features this magnificent "Tedder trademark" 4-color Cobra artwork. The material is high-quality, soft and comfortable, 5.6.oz-weight Jerzes® 100% white cotton. This is a splendid gift item... even if it's only for yourself...


Price is in U.S. Dollars. U.S. and Canadian residents must add $7 for shipping & handling; overseas orders, shipped to you via airmail/Luftpost, must add $12. California residents must add $1.32 sales tax per T-shirt.

Please specify Item# 8948-Cobra shirt, and your size choice of Medium, Large or Xtra Large; if you want a REALLY colossal size, you can order yours in Xtra-Xtra Large size for an additional $3 and now Xtra-Xtra-Xtra Large size for an additional $5.

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