Daytona Coupe
Ferrari Red/Ford Racing White LeMans stripes

3/4-frontal [driver side] shot above is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].
That's The Serengeti bush country in the background. True story.

The Daytona Coupe was designed in 1964 by Peter Brock while he was working at Shelby American in Los Angeles. He and Shelby's crew employed the frame of a damaged 289 Cobra roadster as a base. Cobra roadsters had run out of "top end" on the long tracks and a new aerodynamic body was needed to increase the competitiveness of Shelby's team. The benefits of the new body were realized at Riverside when it beat the previous lap times on its first running—hitting over 180 mph [over 290 km/hr.] in the back straight. In 1965 the Coupe led the Cobra teams in capturing the FIA* World Manufacturers Championship—wresting the cup from Ferrari for the first time in over a decade.

Only six original Coupes were built; each of those six originals is accounted for today in (very) exlusive private collections.

In 1980 Contemporary Classic Motor Car Company (of Mamaroneck, New York) created a mold from CSX2602 [the famed Filipinetti Coupe—production car#5... perhaps best remembered as the (Swiss national colours) red & white #59 Coupe] and created one of the first—and quite faithful—replicas of this world classic. It boasts the original 90" wheelbase with round-tube frame, and is as close to an original body shape as is possible. It is thought that only 3 to 4 were built by Contemporary before selling all molds and jigs to (the late) Bill Connelly/Upstate Super Replicars (upstate New York, in Albany).

This is #7 of 8 out of the Upstate run prior to the tooling being sold to Lesher Motorsports in Salinas, California. In total there are about 15 of this exacting replica in existence.

*For the inquisitive: FIA stands for Federation Internationale de l'Automobile. Headquartered at 8 Place de la Concorde, Paris, the FIA consists of 213 national member organisations in 125 countries worldwide. Its current president is Jean Todt. To the general public, the FIA is best known as the governing body for many auto racing events.

Registered under the coveted "SB100" [California Senate Bill 100]—that means no smog certification, no California registration hassles for the life of the car!

1970 Ford 351 Cleveland V8
built by Kenny Dutweiler; internally
balanced & blueprinted

Engine compartment shot#1 above is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

This Ford Cleveland thruster is outfitted with:

  • prized 4-bbl Cleveland heads—provide 11.0:1 compression [thrives on 91-octane pump gas; I usually pour in an 8-oz. can of Torco to boost it to 93]
  • hydraulic cam with PWA SS (stainless steel) adjustable rockers
  • polished Blue Thunder port-matched intake with Holley HP (hi-performance) 750 cfm carburetor
  • Road Race oil pan with high-volume pump, external filter
  • 2-quart Accusump oil accumulator, oil cooler—9 qts. total
  • MSD-6 ignition box/MSD billet distributor/coil
  • custom headers & sidepipes by Rewarder Headers
  • DeTomaso black valve covers
  • Flowcooler water pump/Evans waterless coolant—boilover point raised to 375°F
  • 16-gallon [60-litre] safety fuel cell, Holley 'Red' fuel pump
  • 140-Amp PowerMaster alternator, Odyssey 'PC-1220' battery [concealed behind a removable aluminum panel on the driver side of the luggage area]
  • In-bay vacuum and air/fuel instrument gauges (to facilitate Holley adjusting); you can see them atop the driver footwell in the engine shots above and below.

Engine compartment shot#2 above is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

Engine compartment shot#3 above is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

Note that this (above shot#3) and below (shot#4) evidence the brand-new (see-through) air cleaner as well as the header wrap and the custom-made aluminum plate heat shield beneath the brake reservoirs. I decided to install all these items after I commenced shooting my engine compartment. This car never lacks for personal attention...

Engine compartment/oil-cooling grille (engine shot#4) above is hotlinked [same view,
much larger size]. You can see the new air cleaner in this photo as well.

 Hinged-up front deck... just as on the original six Coupes,
engine compartment access is a cinch!


  • Lakewood 'scatterproof' safety steel bellhousing
  • Centerforce II clutch fitted with a Tilton hydraulic bearing
  • Tremec T-500 5-speed transmission
  • Jag IRS: 1990 XJS Traction-Loc center section [2.88:1 final-drive ratio]

This steering wheel (removed)/instrument panel shot is hotlinked
 [same view, much larger size].

This view of the passenger side of the cockpit with side window
installed is
hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

The passenger compartment through the rear hatch is hotlinked
 [same view, much larger size].

Cockpit appointments:

  • 1988 Mazda RX7 saddle tan leather-upholstered seats with built in headrest speakers
  • under-dash AM/FM/CD player with center console remote
  • extensively sound & heat insulated
  • custom aluminum panels held with nutserts and SS hardware
  • Stewart Warner instrument gauges in 'Competition' dash arrangement
  • removable LeCarra steering wheel on a Woodward safety column
  • the spare tyre is a Vintage Wheels 8.5"x17" [pin-drive in custom rack]
  • original-style bolt-in side window assemblies
  • Vintage Air—heater, defroster, air [air not installed but you get all the new parts]
  • custom rear-mounted fuse panel and harness


  • Vintage Wheels 10.5"x17" pin-drives shod w/BFG 'Comp T/A KDW' radial rubber [225/45ZRx17" front; 275/40ZRx17" rear]

This broadside shot [driver-side] shot is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].


chassis highlights:

  • ladder frame powder-coated red [4" round-tube/mandrel-bent 0.120" main rails]
  • original 90" wheelbase
  • 6-point rollbar, frame-mounted
  • Wilwood dual master cylinder pedal with balance bar, driver-position adjustable

front suspension & brakes:

  • Jaguar-based geometry—Jag XKE steering rack
  • Cobra Racing A-arms and uprights with pin-drive spindles
  • QA1 adjustable coil-over shocks fitted with Eibach springs
  • Wilwood billet BSR-4 calipers
  • Vintage Wheels 8.5"x17" pin-drives w/BFG 'Comp TA' radial rubber

rear suspension & brakes:

  • 1990 XJS Traction-Loc center section [2.88:1 drive ratio]
  • Cobra Racing triangulated swing arms with pin-drive hubs
  • Aldan adjustable coil-over shocks fitted with Eibach springs
  • Jaguar/Girling center-mount calipers

The easily-accessible fuse panel is hotlinked [same view of fuses, much larger size].


This 'Bad News in Enzo's rearview mirror' frontal shot is hotlinked
 [same menacing view, much larger size].


  • fiberglass integrated to frame/rollcage-Interior tub sandwiched and bonded to body
  • faithful to CSX2602 original, with two modifications (validated by Peter Brock)
  • rear door does not extend to the wheel well
  • A-pillar is positioned further back than the original-custom windshield
  • painted in Ferrari Red with Ford Racing White stripes
  • all attachments expertly executed with embedded nutserts and SS hardware
  • rear brake cooling inlets and rear air deck exhaust are fully functional

This spare tire/rear deck shot is hotlinked [same view of stowage area, much
 larger size]. The aluminum work on this Coupe is nothing short of spectacular! 

'Dan Gurney for President' shot is hotlinked [same rear-quarter view, much larger size].

Broadside shot above is hotlinked [same view of car, much larger size]. For some curious
reason I had the (static cling) "Gurney for Prez" sticker removed for this broadside shot.

This rear-quarter shot is hotlinked [same rear view of Car and Driver's
candidate for President, much larger size].


  • Painstakingly owner-built [by a workmanship-conscientious/degreed manufacturing engineer] over a 36-month build period. No corners were cut to render this Coupe the best it could be.
  • personally autographed by Peter Brock... designer of the original Daytona Coupes
  • You get lots of spare/"overstock" stuff—for starters, two spare rear (tinted) windows, two lead hammers, extra plexiglas headlamp covers & (side/rear) brake scoops
  • Over 12,000 miles [19,000 km] logged since 2008—it's not a trailer queen.
  • Annual run to Laughlin (Nevada, on the Colorado River) across the desert, averaging over 22 mpg [600 miles—nearly 1,000 km—round-trip]; that's what Peter Brock's aerodynamic expertise will do for you!
  • This is a road car—it cruises effortlessly at 80 mph (and at only 1,800 rpm) in 5th gear!

 This Ferrari Red raving beauty is fully sorted out and rarin' to take you 
where you wish to go... you'll encounter no unpleasant surprises.

   —reduced to—

Dave Martin

818-597-8797 PDT (home)
 Stabled in Westlake Village, California
(about 40 miles WNW of LAX)

The terrific Coupe photography you see on this page was brought to you by Dave himself, using his Canon Powershot G3 and his Canon Rebel 'T5' digicams. Dave (mostly) heeded this site's 'Photography Tips'... and his results speak for themselves!

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