Daytona COBRA Coupes
by Peter Brock, Dave Friedman & George Stauffer
copy #231 of 400 total

Note: the Series Numbers shown below on the Certificate of Authenticity and the "chassis plate" read "#160/400", since CobraCountry had those photos from a previously-sold Coupes book ready to use. I'll be glad to take (and send you) current snapshots of any or all of those documents if you desire.

above: Peter Brock at a SAAC event in Los Angeles.
Photograph by Curt Scott, 1996.

This is singularly the most fascinating, informative and thoroughly readable book on Shelby's golden years that you'll ever possess. Peter Brock's insightful narrative, in concert with splendid, on-the-scene photography and personal autographs of 43 original Shelby drivers and crewmen, makes for a certified masterstroke of Cobra racing history. An aluminum-plate replica of the original chassis plate (see below) is affixed to the inside cover, etched with the serial number of the book (#231/400).

It's the ultimate keepsake for any Shelby Cobra or Daytona Coupe enthusiast.


This view of the cover and case is hotlinked (alternate view, larger size).

This is the very finest gift item on the planet for any Shelby aficionado. Personal autographs by everyone from Peter Brock and Carroll Shelby, to drivers Bob Bondurant, Dan Gurney, Chris Amon, Phil Hill and Craig Breedlove, to crewmembers Al Dowd, Charlie Agapiou, Phil Remington, John Morton, and even (the late) John Ohlsen. These are not printed autographs; rather each and every one was signed personally... a mammoth task!

Specs: Over 550 glossy pages and over 600 b&w and color photos, premium hardbound in hard slip case.

The Certification of Authenticity page is hotlinked

Drivers' autographs (above) hotlinked

Crew autographs (above) hotlinked

The complete roster of autographs is as follows:

Peter Brock, Dave Friedman, George Stauffer; Carroll Shelby

THE DRIVERS: Jim Adams, Chris Amon, Bob Bondurant, Craig Breedlove, Allen Grant, Jerry Grant, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Bob Holbert, Innes Ireland, (the late) Bob Johnson, Hal Keck, Ed Leslie, Jochen Neerpasch, Tom Payne, Bernard de St. Auban, Jack Sears, Peter Sutcliffe, Dick Thompson, Maurice Trintignant, John Whitmore.

THE CREW: Charlie Agapiou, Donn Allen, Bruce Burness, Ron Butler, John Collins, Jim Culleton, Al Dowd, Bill Eaton, Tom Greatorex, Jack Hoare, John Morton, (the late) John Ohlsen, Mark Popov-Dadiani, Phil Remington, Carroll Smith, Pietro Vaccari, Fernando Baccarini and Jean Stucki.

Also, I had Carroll personally autograph the inside front cover of the book; you'll get a good photograph of Carroll signing this book... with me, Phil Hill and Dan Gurney also in the picture.

The brushed-aluminum chassis plate replica (oversized, it measures 6"x10")

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