Superformance GT40 Mk II B
by Pathfinder Motorsports; chassis# GT40 P2183

   II B or not II B, that is the question...

Dramatic head-on frontal shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

GT40 Mk II P2183 was designed as a one-off MkII build using some of the color combination from the original GT40 XGT-2, and components from the GT40 MKII B using many period items and livery that would have been on an FAV drivin' machine like this back in the mid/late '60s. This GT40 MkII B boasts quite a few more period-authentic mods then the first MKII B that we built

Chassis XGT-2 GT40 MKII was originally a Alan Mann Racing Team car and scheduled to be a one of his lightweight models, but Ford instead elected to have it shipped to Shelby to be prepped for the '66 LeMans race [24 Heures du Mans].

The technician at Holman Moody (in Charlotte) who also worked on our GT40 MkII B re-creation was Jim Rose, who also just happened to have also worked on the original XGT-2 while working for Alan Mann Racing during the mid to late '60s.

The hood (bonnet) on P2183 is flat black as was the original GT40 XGT-2. During practice for the 1966 24-hour endurance race at LeMans, XGT-2 had contact with another car, and without time to properly repaint the hood silver before the race, the team elected to just paint it flat black which had the added benefit of reducing the reflected glare.

It led the '66 LeMans race [you know, the race where three GT40s crossed the line in rapid 1-2-3- order] from the start with Graham Hill behind the wheel until being involved in an incident and had to retire.

This IIB beauty is titled as a 1966 Ford.

Below are the specs (and additional narrative) for our second GT40 MKII B that we recently completed and displayed at this year's Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance 'Cars and Coffee' extravaganza.

Roush 427IR V8 [delivers 575 hp]

Engine/bundle of albino snakes shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

This 'stacked' Roush thruster is outfitted with:

  • polished Borla EFI [electronic fuel injection]
  • custom swirl tank for fuel injection
  • dyno-turned by Cal Hartline from Roush Racing
  • tall velocity stacks [hand-turned aluminum]
  • custom '60s F1-style air filters
  • white 180 headers with custom tailpipes
  • Holman Moody–style custom valve covers
  • Aviaid 9-quart/period-correct, baffled oil pan
  • period-correct 'tower style' engine oil cooler
  • AN fittings with SS (stainless steel) braided lines
  • MSD ignition ensemble
  • MSD 'FAST' engine management system

Above sideview engine shot is hotlinked [same sideview, MUCH larger size].

Above Ford/Superformance/Holman Moody chassis plaque.

We started thisour second GT40 MkII B buildtwo years ago (in 2015) with a low-mileage (2k) Superformance MkII chassis using the Roush 427IR 560+ hp fuel-injected engine. We then had Olthoff Racing go through the car from stem to stern, making carefully-targeted changes and modifications. Once they were done we then sent the car to the Holman Moody shop for additional work, to include having Jim Rose (original John Wyer Racing Team member) upgrade the suspension.

There were originally only three full GT40 MkII B's built at the end of 1966 (chassis numbers 1016, 1031 and 1047) that were raced during 1967 at LeMans, and what would turn out to be the final win for the original GT40 (MkI & MkII) at the 12 hours Reims in France.

The 1967 LeMans win with Gurney and Foyt was with the new MkIV.

The subsequent MkIV would share the same dash as the MKII B. The changes to the original GT40 MkII B included twin Holley carburetors, radiator-cooled brakes (to prevent cracking at LeMans), wider rear body work and the distinctive MkIV dash as seen in this re-creation. These original modifications to the late build 1966 GT40 MkII B's were made by Ford's factory race team Holman Moody.

Recognizing that the original Accel engine management system used on the Roush 427IR engine can tend to be problematic, we replaced this unit with a brand new MSD FAST engine management system with the full MSD ignition ensemble including the distributor. The air cleaners were also specially-made one-off versions that we had custom fabricated to add both a period look, as well as better flow to the custom-made and gold-anodized extended velocity stacks.

Above 3/4-frontal shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • polished ZF 5-speed gearbox [IRS transaxle]
  • upgraded shift (with Teflon cable]
  • Holman Moody original MkII-style transaxle cooler


Above cockpit shot is
hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

  • Holman Moody–style MkII B instrument panel
  • Olthoff custom short-shift linkage
  • original FAV–designed period-correct seats
  • 5-point FIA-approved seatbelt
  • custom leather quick release steering wheel
  • adjustable brake & clutch pedal assemblies
  • under-dash/period-correct emergency brake
  • custom center console
  • air conditioning
  • fire-suppression system
  • dash-mounted power cutoff
  • Lucas '608' period-correct inside mirror

Above dashboard shot is
hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Above shot of dash-mounted Hobbs aircraft-style hours-driven meter
and quick-access fuse panel.


  • original-correct over-the-headers rear swaybar
  • Bilstein shocks
  • fully-functional race brake ducts, front & rear [and identical to the originals]
  • period-correct aluminum canards [front sides]
  • adjustable rear spoiler [aluminum]

Above driver-side engine compartment shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Above RHS broadside/deck open shot is
hotlinked [same menacing view, MUCH larger size].

This GT40 build boasts a few more notable and period-correct items incorporated into its constructionat that time our first MkII Bincluding a Holman Moody transmission cooler [exclusive to the MkII] and the seats, which we made using original design information provided to us by Lee Holman that they received from FAV (i.e., Ford Advanced Vehicles) back when they were racing the GT40 MkII's at LeMans in the '60s for Ford/FAV.


  • Halibrand-style wheels [steel knockoff hubs]
  • Avon race/street (DOT-approved) rubber


  • original-correct Ford number light on engine cover
  • custom Boeing 707 period-style wiper arm (like the original)
  • clear Plexiglas rear engine scoop as—on the original GT40 MkII
  • LeMans period-style bug shield
  • recently serviced by Olthoff Racing
  • suspension modified by Holman Moody at their shop
  • Listed in The GT40 registry and eligible for listing in The Shelby Registry
  • Safir GT40 Spares Ltd.–approved monocoque chassis by Hi-Tech in South Africa
  • Invited and displayed at the 2017 Amelia Island Concours Cars and Coffee event
  • This is one of only two Superformance GT40 MkII B models ever built by Pathfinder Motorsports

This GT40 MkII B, chassis# P2183 required two years to build, is titled as a 1966 Ford, and is in excellent condition with the many new, custom and one-off parts including a personal engine dyno tune by Roush Racing engine tuner Cal Hartline. This street-legal and air-conditioned GT40 is a drivin' machine extraordinaire.

And it's very, very fast.


Above rear shot is hotlinked [same rear view, MUCH larger size].
Look closely and you can see the vertical adjustment slots.

This meticulously well-executed 'Fab Forty' is priced to sell at

$178,500 obo
Serious inquiries only, please!

Alan Petersen, President
Pathfinder Motorsports LLC

321-544-2320 EST (cell)
Located in Melbourne [just below Cape Canaveral], Florida

The spectacular GT40 photography you see on this page was brought to you by Alan himself, using his Nikon D40 digicam and its standard 18–55mm short-zoom lens. Alan scrupulously/conscientiously heeded this site's 'Photography Tips'... and his fab forty Fotos speak for themselves!

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