GT40 Mk 1
exquisite reproduction by
GT40 North America

Photo above is hotlinked (same view, much larger size).

GT40 Mk1 replica, manufactured by the renowned GT40 North America. Finished in (Legend-correct) white with blue stripes. This is represented to be the next-to-last car that GT40 North America ever produced by factory craftsmen (in Westfield, Indiana) as a turnkey, complete car ready to roll down the motorways.
Because this 'Fabulous Forty' was intended to be a factory showpiece and show car, expensive carbon fiber was deployed extensively in the coachwork and interior.

No used parts or components were installed... every part, down to stainless steel nuts and bolts, was installed all brand new. No expense was spared, including in the powertrain.

Clear Florida title.

  Where the magic happens:
Roush 392" stroker small-block
485 hp/495 ft.lbs. torque

Engine photo above is hotlinked (same view of engine, MUCH larger size).

This Roush 392 cid stroker crate motor is topped off with a dual-line Holley carburetor. Other engine details are high-volume oil pan, an awesome-growling 'bundle-of-snakes' exhaust array, remote filter and oil cooler, lots of SS (stainless steel) braided lines and AN fittings (no hose clamps) and MSD ignition.

The Roush valve covers were recently upgraded to Roush's new style.

The valves and carburetor have just been adjusted to perfection, and the oil pan is filled with top-end Royal Purple 5W30 synthetic oil and a Royal Purple oil filter.

geartrain details

That Roush V8 spins a rugged and authentic German ZF 5-speed transaxle sending power to the 315/35ZRx17, 12" wide Yokohamas mounted on authentic knockoffs [225/45ZRx17s in the front].

instrument panel

Above dashboard shot is
hotlinked (same view, much larger size).

Stewart Warner 'Maximum Motorsports' easy-to-read whitefaced gauges. Left to right: oil temp, 8,000 rpm tachometer, water temp, oil pressure, volts, fuel level, fuel pressure, 200 mph speedometer with digital odometer (switchable to kilometers or miles) showing just over 2,000 miles logged.

Snug racing seats with Simpson 4-pt. harnesses, premium wool carpeting, dashboard-ducted air conditioning [that delivers frigid cold air] and a stereo that's hard to hear with the $4,500 bundle of SS snakes growling in the rear. Key "on-off" switch and pushbutton starter switch are mounted on the console and premium Tilton pedal set controls the action.

Above passenger-side broadside shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).

Above 3/4-frontal shot is
hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).

Above 3/4-rear shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).

Above frontal shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).

This 'Fabulous Forty' cost $144,500 to build. The solid "clunk" of the latch mechanism when you close a door draws favorable comments and evidences the fit & finish standards that the entire car was built to. Everything works.

It has never been on a track and has been carefully and responsibly driven. It will idle in traffic and remain cool. Except for drives on nice days and one outdoor car show, it has never spent a day outside nor uncovered.

I'm confident that $84,000 is a very reasonable price for this factory-built, no-compromise, first-class specimen of a GT40 reproduction. It certainly would be impossible for you to duplicate this beauty for $84K.

This dazzlingly beautiful Fabulous Forty is yours for:


Contact Andrew Demyan at

    (850) 621-xxxx CDT
  Located in Shalimar [adjacent to Ft. Walton Beach] in the Florida panhandle 

2 May 2015: You can mark my drop-dead gorgeous GT40 North America Mk1 GT40 SOLD! It's on its way to a new home in France... just outside of Paris! Many thanks for your site's spectacular 'market reach'! Andrew Demyan

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