2004 GT40 Mk 1-SOLD!
reproduction by CAV, Serial# 1A64MONOB66
BMW Le Mans Blue, black leather cockpit
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CAV GT40 replica, one of the last original CAV's before John/Jean at AutoFutura took over. Stainless monocoque chassis. Assembled by Shelby dealer Mitch Hughes (no relation to me) of SC Motorsports in Mustang, Oklahoma. You also get all the new dealer info from CAV & Owners manual.

I've seen CAV GTs offered for sale for less money; if you're looking for a steal, this GT40 is not for you. Many CAVs I've seen for sale either need a MEGADOLLAR dose of expert sorting, or were outfitted with a run-of-the-mill 302 and a $200 Getrag gearbox. This car was built with premium performance and no-compromise quality in mind. Put simply: you'll immediately experience the visceral thrills of this fully-sorted drivin' machine, not spend your time resolving problems and turning wrenches.


  • car is fully sorted, ready for prime time
  • BMW LeMans Blue
  • oval rear vents
  • Ford GT side stripes on car
  • static-cling removable meatballs and decals
  • outfitted with all requisite safety upgrades--a very important consideration!

Photo above is hotlinked (same image, MUCH larger size).

Keith Craft 331 stroker

-engine particulars-
Dyno-tuned by Keith Craft's folks in Dallas (Plano) Texas.
Best run is 324 hp/325 ft. lbs. torque at rear wheels.

  • black painted (OEM-look) high-nickel block
  • Ford Motorsports aluminum intake
  • Holley 670 Avenger, tuned by Keith Craft
  • K&N filter & filter top on Stellings & Hellings base
  • HO (high-output) alternator
  • Ford dual point distributor--restored by Jim Cowles--Pertronix coil with Taylor wires
  • Jet Hot Coated 'bundle of snakes' headers
  • AFR 165s
  • 180° thermostat

Transmission/rear end:

  • hybrid Audi Getrag (preferred gear ratios with optimal ring & pinion. It's a $2,500 option from Bill Andrews at HRE Motorsports. One benefit: 80 mph/129 kph at 2,500 rpm!

Suspension extras:

  • spanner wrenches for spring/shock adjustments
  • extra suspension shims (specially designed for the GT40s) from Auto Futura
  • alignment by 911 Enterprises in Dallas--over $400

Wheels & tires:

  • safety-wired BRMs, with Goodyear rubber and spindle caps from Superformance

Other options included, other details:

  • high-end Raydot mirrors & open-letter Cobra valve covers from Jim Cowles
  • FAV Plates from Ben Miller (not installed)
  • Optima Red Top gel cell battery
  • doors & chassis are covered with Dynamat soundproofing; doors shut solid.
  • car cover from Auto Futura
  • Licensed & registered in Texas.
  • Less than 1,400 miles on the chassis.
  • revised bulkhead cover from Auto Futura

Engine compartment photo above is hotlinked (same image, MUCH larger size).

Photo above is hotlinked (same image, MUCH larger size).

Cockpit photo above is hotlinked (same image, MUCH larger size).

The cockpit:

  • Ford GT steering wheel center from Ben Miller (installed) (your also get
    large & small patches)
  • chromed Fire extinguisher
  • premium leather interior; including headliner & doors
  • Smiths Instruments gauges
  • hidden air conditioning

Above: CAV chassis plate


For more information contact me, Tom:
Southlake, Texas
(Central Time), at

(214) 914-xxxx

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26 July 2005

Dear Cobra Country:

Mark my GT40 SOLD!

And to a very nice physician in Iowa.

Kind regards,

Tom Hughes
Southlake, Texas

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