GT40 Mk 1
exquisite reproduction by
RCR/Race Car Replicas

Photo above is hotlinked (same view, much larger size).

Six years ago we researched the several makers for building a GT40 replica. After a visit with Fran Hall at his facility in Detroit, the decision to choose RCR was a veritable no-brainer. The design and qualtiy of the monocoque chassis and the authencity and 'correctness' of the fiberglass body exceeded our expectations. And predictably, the completed car met and exceeded our expectations. But with current plans to build two more cars (including another RCR) we need to make room in our small garage. So it is time, regrettably, to part with this fabulous Forty.

  Where the magic happens:
Ford 302" small-block

Engine photo above is hotlinked (alternate view of engine, much larger size). The engine
compartment is completed with a very attractive array of black, silver and chrome.

—powerplant particulars—

Ford 302 cid small-block V8; block manufactured in 1986. Dart Pro 1 Heads. Edelbrock 'Air Gap' intake manifold. Custom grind Comp Cams camshaft. Quick Fuel 650 cfm carburetor. Zero balanced rotating assembly, all forged internals. MSD Pro Billet with black distributor cap. Canton oil pan. The engine was built by Precision Motor Sports in Greenville, Illinois. They are currently building a third engine for me—their small-block Ford expertise is unsurpassed. Other engine compartment particulars include:

  • Cooling fans have been added to the engine compartment prevent excess heat buildup when driving in traffic and (also) after stopping the car;
  • Canton expansion and overflow tanks to assure good cooling;
  • Holley HP 125 Gerotor fuel pumps, one for each tank, with pressure regulator, provide reliable, quiet performance;
  • appropriate heat shielding has been strategically placed in the engine compartment to protect the coachwork;
  • Significant electrical circuits are relay protected;
  • The air cleaner is topped with a plate that simulates the reversion plate used on the original Mark1 GT40;
  • Painless brand wiring was selected because of its superior quality wire; the wiring is divided into separate sections joined together with weather proof plugs to simplify service if needed;
  • original-style cast-aluminum latches have been added to the front & rear clips;
  • It's fitted with a fire-suppression system, activated by a prominent lever beneath the dash;
  • MSD ignition ensemble. The MSD module is concealed in a protected compartment, easily accessible;
  • SS (stainless steel) headers & exhaust;
  • That splendid bundle of snakes is a 180° crossover system expertly fabricated from stainless steel and tig welded.

geartrain details

The transmission was upgraded from an Audi to an original-style ZF 5-speed unit. This was an expensive but critically important upgrade. The ZF is an excellent German-engineered and race-proven transaxle that easily handles the power and torque of the engine. The gear ratios are well suited for highway driving. McLeod clutch.

Chassis/Suspension/Rolling Stock

The Race Car Replicas chassis is one of the performance assets that distinguishes it from other GT40 replica manufacturers. RCR uses an aluminum monocoque chassis in several of its cars including the SLC (currently featured on Stacey David's 'Gears' on Speed Channel), Ferrari P4 and GT40.

The (black) powder-coated monocoque aluminum chassis has much more torsional rigidity and strength than other designs yet is light weight. The beautifully-rendered TIG-welded seams will impress even the most experienced welder The suspension components are machined from billet aluminum; thanks to the use of Heim joints, you can tune it to your specific road or track conditions.

Shocks are QA1/Carrera custom aluminum-anodized coil-overs.

The steering is rack & pinion, 2.7 turns lock to lock. A quick release hub for the steering wheel. The steering has been tuned to eliminate bump steer. This car tracks very well and provides excellent steering feedback.

Brakes: Wilwood brakes, 6-piston front, 4-piston rear. 11.5" vented NASCAR rotors. The triple pedal assembly uses twin master cylinders for the brake system with an adjustable brake bias bar.  Braided stainless hoses are used for all connections. The hoses are stainless covered as well.

Rolling stock: Halibrand-style knockoff wheels [15"x6" front; 15"x10" rear], shod with B.F. Goodrich rubber in good condition... lots of good tread remaining.


above cockpit shot is
hotlinked (same view, much larger size).

Ergonomically sound leather-clad seats feature the original brass grommets and soundproof insulation is provided by top-grade carpeting. Additional comforts include air conditioning and increased head and legroom to accommodate anyone up to 6'4". An adjustable pedal box allows for flexibility to the interior space.

—Cockpit particulars—

  • leather-wrapped original-style steering wheel with proper (custom made) GT center hub
  • premium leather seat facing
  • original-style British-made Willans shoulder and seat belts
  • adjustable pedals, to accommodate different-height drivers
  • foot rest bar on the passenger side
  • The switches on the dash are all genuine Lucas, just as on the original.
  • low oil pressure warning light
  • fully functional turn indicators, four way flashers, high- & low-beam headlamps, plus halogen driving lights
  • climate control: air conditioning and heat (not present on the original). HVAC controls are concealed under the dash, easily accessible but inconspicuous.
  • complete rollcage
  • 'Gurney bubble' on the driver's side to accommodate taller drivers
  • Proper sound insulation. This is not a quiet car. But there is no 'drumming' of the chassis or body panels.
  • The passenger compartment rear window has been upgraded to glass rather than plexiglas.

above broadside shot is hotlinked (same view, much larger size).

Build History

You can visit the build history of this blue beauty at the website; to go directly to "Chuck and Ryan's RCR Build" and see/read detailed information and photos of every major aspect of the build, Click Here!

YouTube video

You can entertain yourself with our little YouTube video; you get a closeup walkaround of the car, rolling footage on a rural Illinois roadway, the smooth, menacing melody of that small-block Ford, even a quick pit stop near the finish line: Click Here!

above 3/4-frontal shot is
hotlinked (same view, much larger size).

above 3/4-frontal shot is hotlinked (same view, much larger size).

other particulars

This is a well-sorted car, built to be driven. It takes countless hours and miles to sort such a vehicle. Some of the details and refinements completed over a couple of years' time include:

  • It's professionally painted in the original-correct (1960s) Guardsman Blue. The Wimbledon White rocker stripe and "FORD GT" is painted, not a taped add on;
  • Protective wire screen in front of the radiator, just as on the original. Fabricated from stainless steel wire mesh... unlike the original;
  • A rear aluminum spoiler has been added as on many original Mark1 GTs. You can remove it if you desire.
  • Clear title, State of Illinois.

above frontal shot is hotlinked (same view, much larger size).

See ya' later shot

above rearview shot is hotlinked (same view, much larger size).

With less than 4,000 miles (6,500 km) this GT is in excellent condition with few cosmetic blemishes. It was built to be driven, and has proven itself to be a driving machine extraordinaire!

This breathtakingly beautiful Fabulous Forty is yours for

$97,500 obo

Contact Chuck Schmidt

    (618) 534-1410 CDT
 or email: 
Located in Carbondale, Illinois U.S.A.

[Photographed by Chuck and Ryan Schmidt with Chuck's new Nikon D3100 DSLR digicam.]

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