GT40 Mk 1
ultra-premium reproduction by
ERA/Era Replica Automobiles

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GT40 Mk1 by ERA/Era Replica Automobiles of New Britain, Connecticut. Midnight Black-on-black. Professionally built for his own stable by automotive engineer Mark LeVea, an ERA GT40 is the finest, best engineered and most rugged reproductions of the original Ford/Shelby racing legend.

The distinctive carbon-fiber splitter was custom engineered and designed for Mark LeVea.

This Fab Forty has accumulated only 1,600 easy miles [±2,600 km]. This ebony rocket sled is titled and Licensed in Virginia as a GT40.

 Where the petrol meets the pistons:
CHP Ford 427 small-block (Windsor-based),
delivering 550 hp/500 ft./lbs. torque

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 drivetrain particulars:

Eight-stack EFI induction. Engine is precision balanced & blueprinted. Triple-bevel valve grind. Coil-on-plug ignition. Oil cooler supplemented with electric fan, MSD ignition. Engine bay fire-suppression system. Edlelbrock Victor aluminum CC heads. EMD engine management software control.

Induction and exhaust: Hilborn fuel injection and rails. Custom fabricated SS tuned exhaust ("bundle of snakes") with mufflers and twin oval outlets. Twin fuel cells and pumps feed separate surge tanks to the fuel rails. Automatic fuel switch-over controls are operated effortlessly from the dashboard. You get all the engine mapping and performance equipment.

Geartrain: ZF 5-speed transaxle. The rock-solid ZF5 tranny is the only gearbox for a serious GT40.

Front & rear swaybars. Uprated U-joints with custom-fabricated splined driveshafts.

Chassis/Suspension/Rolling Stock particulars

Chassis: Koni adjustable shocks, Eibach springs, second/spare set of Eibach springs.

Rolling stock: Goodyear Eagle F1 rubber {285/40ZRx17" rear; 225/45ZR17" front} on 17" Halibrand knockoff wheels. You also get a spare set of Goodyear Radial T/A's on 15" Halibrands.

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Cockpit: black Argentine leather seats with solid brass doughnut grommets; Willans superior 5-point safety harnesses. AC/heater with vintage design. Adjustable pedals. Good stuff.

For taller drivers: you also get a set (one small, one large) of 'Gurney bubbles,' to provide you with extra headroom... named after Dan Gurney, whose height (6'-5") mandated the extra headspace.

Peripheral items available apart from this black beauty: aluminium floorjack designed and engineered especially for a GT40, replete with an aluminium-construction chassis alignment /ARE laser system. Your a la carte price on this forty-specific setup is $4,500 USD.

This breathtakingly beautiful Fabulous Forty is yours for

$105,000 obo


Contact John Stallings, Administrator of the Estate of Mark LeVea

You can reach me at:

    (703) 430-xxxx EDT 

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