above: Antique & Collectible's 427 roadster

Carroll Shelby's original 427SC Cobra was not an expensive machine in relation to its phenomenal performance... it originally sold for about $7900 in U.S. Dollars. It had extraordinarily high power-to-weight ratio, and its nimble circuit handling attributes enabled it to blow into the weeds far more exotic and expensive machines. There were two hundred and sixty 427 coil-spring street Cobras built of 348 total production. The 427 Cobra was last advertised for sale in Ford dealerships in August of 1968.

The original 427 Cobra was available in three distinct configurations:

1) Street (427S)--was equipped with two 4bbl Holley carburetors on a low-rise intake manifold.
2) Street/Competition (427S/C)--equipped with medium-riser manifold, larger oil sump, remote oil filter and oil cooler (mounted in the "chin"). Output was rated at 425.bhp.
3) Full Race--in addition to the S/C's equipment, the Full-Race 427 came equipped with a single 4bbl Holley Carb in a cold-air box (aka "turkey pan") under the hood scoop. Race versions were equipped with aluminum heads with a 12.4:1 compression ratio, in contrast to the 10.4:1 ratio of the S and S/C models, and boasted 485.bhp.

above: Dave Hendrixson's (Westbrook, Connecticut) A&C roadster

We at Antique & Collectible .have attempted to replicate the original 427 roadster in our '90s rendition of this musclecar classic. We'll introduce you to our remarkable reproduction starting in the logical place... the solid underpinnings:

Your A&C 427 chassis is
constructed of 2" x 4" rectangular steel, with suspension and mounting brackets welded into place. A&C's certified welders, using custom fixtures, fabricate your frame and frame accessories--your assurance of uniformity and squareness. All standard assembly holes are precision located and pre-drilled to the proper size, saving you time and effort. It is then deburred, then primered to inhibit rust and corrosion.

Standard Equipment: Coil-over shocks are used, thus enabling you to adjust your suspension performance for whatever the occasion requires.

Standard Equipment: Tubular control arms provide you with state-of-the-art front suspension... far superior to the Ford Mustang's stock stamped-steel control arms. In coordination with A&C's coil-over front shocks, you're rewarded with high-performance suspension componentry that boasts a high-tech appearance.

Standard Equipment: Five-lug front rotors.

Standard Equipment: Triangulated 4-link rear suspension assures you precise alignment of rear housing while facilitating the transfer of horsepower and torque to your rear tires.

Standard Equipment: Nine-inch Ford rear housing, factory-narrowed. The axles are shortened and resplined with all four link & coil-over shock brackets welded into place. All you need to do is add your center section and brake parts.

No matter which (small- or large-block) powerplant or transmission you intend to employ, A&C can provide you with bolt-on motor mounts and transmission mounts to match.

...The body...

Standard Equipment: Your A&C 427 roadster's body is constructed of handlaid and machine-laid fiberglass, reinforced with layers of core material, providing you with a robust and durable superstructure. The doors, hood and trunk employ a full fiberglass inner liner for added strength and rigidty, and exhibit a smooth and finished appearance.The dashboard is quickly removable for ease of assembly, wiring and instrument-gauge replacement or repair. The hand-buffed, high-luster gelcoat finish (in your choice of colors) will retain its color and beauty for many years. Your A&C body requires no fiberglassing, and no assembly other than hanging the doors and dashboard.

...other A&C standard equipment items...

Assembly Manual: Your A&C roadster assembly manual was professionally written and is fully illustrated and detailed. It takes you step-by-step through your completion process. The manual is geared for the first-time builder... and we also offer you a technical hotline to assist you every step of the way!

Lights: Lucas® front directional and marker lights, four rear red & amber taillights (round), and headlamps and license plate light.

Gauges: Full complement of dashboard instrumentation, including speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, water temperature, voltmeter and fuel gauge with all sending units.

Windshield: Original-style, chrome-plated solid brass frame with glass installed. Includes base rubber, surround plates and all attaching hardware brackets.

Hardware-trim: The doors and decks all include complete hardware. Original-style hood handles. Original-style gas cap and dashboard mirror.

Hardware-fasteners: The specialty and special-purpose hardware you need to assemble your Cobra reproduction has been carefully selected to assure you of the correct number and type fastener for each assembly step. All hardware is packaged individually according to size.

Upholstery: Professionally-crafted interior package. All upholstery components are pre-assembled for you, ready to install. Includes seat tracks and adjusters, door panels with map pockets, carpeting and padded dash. Leather option.

Antique & Collectible Autos .vigorously supports
"The 10 Golden Rules for Selecting and Purchasing a Cobra Replica"
featured in "The Complete Guide to Cobra Replicas."


Send $1 for a complete information package.

Contact us (ask for Sonny Sajak or Joe Trombley) at:

Antique & Collectible Autos, Inc.
35 Dole Street
Buffalo, New York 14210 U.S.A.

800-245-1310 toll-free
716-823-0048 fax line
email A&C's Joe Trombley at: JTFast41@aol.com

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