Emerson Motorsports masthead3rd Annual 'Riverbank Bash'
Redding, California, Saturday, 26 July 2003. Photography and text by Curt Scott.
hosted/sponsored/choreographed by Janet & Jay Lamont

below: Emerson Motorsports' Third Annual Riverbank Bash on the bank of the fast-flowing
and beautiful Sacramento River. Every photo in this article is
hotlinked to a larger image.

above: lineup of Cobras--more than a dozen serpents (and one fully-restored 1962 Cadillac DeVille convertible); you're facing downstream (southeast) on the Sacramento River. Hotlinked photo gives you another angle on this array of reptiles.

In the above lineup above, right-to-left: Dave & Linda Dodge (Danville; canary yellow/black stripes Emerson); Joe & Jackie Kennedy (Palo Alto; dark blue/silver Superformance); Mike Whaley (Redding; bright yellow Emerson); Jay & Janet Lamont (Redding; white/silver Emerson); Ron Widener (Shasta Lake City; white/red Emerson); Gary Center (Brentwood; Viking Blue Unique Motorcars 289FIA Cobra); Terry & Janet Geiser (Berkeley; white/blue Emerson); Rich & Judy Dederian (Lakehead; Midnight Blue Emerson-produced Daytona Coupe reproduction); David Rogers (Sacramento; Emerson rolling/drivng chassis, obscured in this shot, but you'll see it below in another photo); Vaughn Cartright & Debbie Coyle (Redding; black/silver Emerson); Chuck Lindquist (Danville; red 289 "slabside" Cobra, obscured in this shot, but you'll see it below in another photo); Jay & Janet Lamont (Redding; fully-restored 1962 white/maroon Cadillac DeVille convertible).

above: Co-host Jay Lamont with his Emerson Cobra. Hotlinked photo gives
you a closeup of his crowd-stopping under-hood "Roentgen reptile" artwork. You've
seen that X-ray reptile in previous photo-features on CobraCountry.

above: Terry Geiser in his Emerson race-ready roadster; this beauty boasts an over-700 bhp all-aluminum RDI dry-sump powerplant, and weighs in at 1835 lbs dry. Terry's an active member of the (San Francisco) Bay Area Cobra Club. Hotlinked photo gives you a dazzling shot of Terry's car outlined against the river.

above: that's Sacramento's Dave Rogers in his Emerson Cobra (and Chuck Lindquist's
red slabside 289 right behind him).

There's a poignant story lurking here: after all the disposable income Dave shelled out for his drivin' machine and especially his multi-hued Mystique paint job, his snake shed its megadollar skin.

Alternate spoof: Dave directed the paint shop to clearcoat his car... but he forgot
to specify that they paint it in some color first. Coachwork just vanished.

Photo of Dave's can't-see-it serpent is hotlinked to a view of Ron Widener
(Shasta Lake City, California) and his white/red Emerson roadster.

Joe & Jackie Kennedy at Emerson riverbank bash

above: Left-to-right at the pool patio: Jackie Kennedy, "Superformance Joe" Kennedy, and
Nene Emerson. We told you that every photo in this article is hotlinked to another, larger photo.
We lied. This one isn't.

above: That's Cobra-event choreographer Janet Lamont at left, ferrying the guests' hors d'oeuvres, aperitifs and haute cuisine (Beluga caviar, Loire Valley truffles, Maine lobster bisque, fresh-caught/hearth-baked Columbia River salmon, and for dessert Baked Alaskan and assorted chocolates flown in from Harrod's... the entire ensemble personally delivered by Wolfgang Puck.

Liquid refreshments were limited to Perrier water, Starbucks designer/boutique coffees (17 flavors), Black Forest-faerie-brewed Hefeweizen direct from München's Hofbräuhaus, 1977 Charente Cognac, 1929 Chateau Lafite Rothschild from François Mitterand's private reserve, and Dom Perignon... all on draft).

All kidding aside, one couldn't ask for more gracious hosts: the buffet would've inspired Nero himself to break out his violin (did they really have violins back in 64 AD?); Jay Lamont devoted hours to stage-managing the charcoal roasting of Santa Gertrudis tri-tips, and Janet hardly ever paused from her voluntary rounds of bringing folks food and refreshments.

Photo above is hotlinked to a spectacular shot of the hosts' and guests' Cobras, shot from (neighbor) Mike Davis' new 496-Chevy-powered jetboat (a bona fide water-borne musclecraft); that's Mike's house you see at the far right of the photo above and in the center of the hotlinked photo. Great guy, directed me to walk the gangplank only twice. Were you aware that a gangplank is a popular option on jetboats? Choosing prudence over valor, I didn't ask about the yardarm.

above: Vaughn Cartright's black Emerson roadster. Hotlinked to a riverside shot of
Mike Whaley's gorgeous yellow roadster.

above: Rich & Judy Dederian's (Lakehead, California) beautiful blue Daytona Coupe reproduction, nose-to-nose with Jay Lamont's white Emerson roadster. Hotlinked to an splendid
close-up sundown shot of Rich's coupe.

above: Jay Lamont's "Roentgen reptile" Emerson Cobra cockpit... hotlinked to a larger view of the same photo.

above: Mike Whaley's Emerson Cobra cockpit... hotlinked to a larger view of the same photo.

above: Under the hood of Gary Center's Unique Motorcars 289FIA roadster. Gary equipped it with an Emerson-engineered front suspension setup to give it more precise control. Hotlinked to a larger view of the same photo.

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