CobraCountry is a colossus of a website... over 800 web pages and growing. But even so, finding what you're looking for is a snap, whether you need to search the entire site, or just one page... such as the "Cobras For Sale" page, the most-visited (and longest-scrolling) page on the site. This "Quick Search" tutorial page opened in a new window, so you can conduct a test search on the "Cobras For Sale" page as you read these tips.

1. SEARCHING THE ENTIRE SITE: If you wish to conduct a keyword or keyphrase search of the entire 800+ pages of CobraCountry, use the "Sidewinder" search engine. Your text input box is just to the left of that red animated sidewinder serpent you see at the top of the frameset. Type in what you're looking for: say, <289FIA manufacturers> or <Weaver family> or <GT40 mfgrs> or <cobar showrooms in teh midwest>. In about 1/20 of a second, you'll get your results... that blink-of-an-eye result encompassed a search of over 800 web pages. It's fast and efficient. And also note that if you enter an incorrect abbreviation or a typical misspelling or a typo [as with "mfgrs" (no such abbreviation exists) and "cobar" (for "cobra") and "teh" (for "the") above], Sidewinder will still find what you're searching for. Sidewinder was custom designed and programmed to find geographical keywords, proper names, product keywords, key numbers and common misspellings. There are only two search functions Sidewinder cannot do: like any other search engine, it is not designed nor intended to search an individual web page (such as the "Cobras For Sale" page) and it cannot (yet) provide results for are the (50) Yellow Pages-but the Yellow Pages too will be added to its search capabilities in the future.

2. SEARCHING AN INDIVIDUAL WEB PAGE: if you wish to find a word or phrase on a single page (such as the "Cobras For Sale" page), that's also a cinch. This tip is not a CobraCountry-specific technique—rather, it's a little-known but valuable browser feature that will work for you on virtually any page on the Internet. It even works on a "frameset" site such as CobraCountry, where you're actually viewing 3 pages in one window: one page is the set of tabs and "Sidewinder search" section that spans the top of the frameset; another is that column of banner ads you see on the LHS of the frameset; the third is the "active page" on the RHS. We'll use the "Cobras For Sale" page for this little "page search" tutorial. Let's search for the keyword <kirkham>, as in "Kirkham Motorsports." Here's how you do it:

a) You MUST let your browser know which individual page you wish to search: make sure you've got CobraCountry opened to the "Cobras For Sale" page; now, select some random text near the top of the page [either double-click on a word, or drag your cursor or several characters or words]. As an example, the yellow arrow in the graphic below points to the words <Latest edition (v2.02...>, which have been randomly selected]. Selecting that text didn't make anything happen... no flashing lights, no dancing girls. But by selecting some text like that, you just quietly informed Explorer (or Safari or Mozilla Firefox or whatever browser you're using) that this is the page you wish to search.

Another benefit of selecting that text: you may also note that by selecting text [and thus letting your browser know what page you're viewing], your "page up" and "page down" and "home" and "end" buttons on your keyboard will now function whereas they perhaps didn't before.

b) Now hold down your "Control" key and hit "F" for "Find"; on a Macintosh the key sequence is "Command-F"]. You'll see a "Find dialog box" pop up someplace (its location dependent upon which browser you're using).

c) Typing in your search word(s): before you even finish typing the word <k-i-r-k-h-a-m> into the text box, your browser will already have raced to and highlighted the first instance of the word. As you click "NEXT," your browser will continue to race the each successive instance of the word. When we tested for this tutorial, Safari found 18 instances of <kirkham> in under 5 seconds (the speed mostly dependent upon how fast you can click the "NEXT" button). If you're fortunate, your browser's search will stop when it finds the last instance of <kirkham> on the page, but some browsers (Safari included) for some whacko/programmer reason merely revert back to the top of the page and (redundantly) recycle the search process. In either case, though, your ability to find what you're searching for just got nitro-charged. And this 'Find' procedure works on any and every page of the Internet that contains text.


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