February 4, 2006 gathering
25 Cobra roadsters at Presto Pasta--Camarillo, California

Show photo above is hotlinked (alternate image, MUCH larger size).

Early 1970s-vintage Kellison 'Stallion' Cobra... now the proud possession of Darren Friedman (of West Coast Performance Center in Simi Valley, California). Photo above hotlinked to cockpit view.

This drivin' machine is a rare example of Kellison's finest craftsmanship; it's one of only a few known Stallions outfitted with the turbo hood. Confirmed by his son Jim Jr., this car was built at the Kellison factory, and has been maintained in dry storage for over 15 years. Come see it in The '70s Corral at the 2006 AHA/ Knott's Berry Farm Show. After the Knott's show you'll see this beauty up on Cobra Country's 'Cobras For Sale' page.

Paul Scott's underhood extravaganza.
Photo above is hotlinked (same image, MUCH larger size).

E.R.A. 427SC... outfitted with this original, tunnel-port-equipped 427 side-oiler powerplant. This masterpiece is owned and driven by Tom Stevens of Camarillo. Photo above is hotlinked (cockpit shot, MUCH larger size). Tom's license plate reads "HISS 427"

Left-to-right (hotlinked photo): that's (L-R) Terry "Hoppy" Baumsten, John Wais and Jim Crilly. John wears the name tag so he can 'member who he is...

Left-to-right: Darren Friedman (of West Coast Performance Center), Curt Scott, Dave Martin (current President of the AHA/Association of Handcrafted Automobiles) and currently in the process of building a Cobra Daytona Coupe replica.

Tri-County Cobras: a brief introduction

TCC started out with just two guys getting together over breakfast one day in Ventura in 2001. The first 'formal' luncheon occurred in October 2001, with seven Cobras and Cobra replicas showing up at The Sandwich Factory in Ventura. From this modest beginning, the group has grown to 139 with around 106 being active (as of February, 2006). The group is not a club or organized association--no officials, no dues--just a gaggle of Cobra owners sharing a common interest and having a ton of fun.

TCC's periodic Saturday 'luncheon get-togethers' take place every two months and occasionally shifts to different eateries (bar & grills, barbeque joints, beaneries, bistros, breakfast shops, buffets, pasta grilles, patisseries, pizzarias and pubs). The hours are basically 11:00am to 1:00pm; more often than not, an optional after-lunch highway cruise is conducted.

To get yourself onto TCC's notification list, send your email address to TCC's email address (below).

TCC's roster of Cobras encompasses the spectrum of makes from the infamous "Florida telemarketer" replicas to (listed alphabetically) B&B, Classic Roadsters, ERA, Factory Five, Kellison, Shell Valley, Superformance, Unique Motorcars, West Coast Performance Center, and of course Shelby-American (originals and continuation cars), et al. Builders and dreamers are welcome--and by all means your spouse (or 'significant other') is cordially invited to attend and participate.

Tri-County Cobras
(Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties)

for more information about Tri-County Cobras,
and/or to install yourself onto TCC's
"Upcoming Event Notification Roster," email:
John Wais at:

this month's event was photographed by

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