Your BackDraft roadster coachwork is reinforced at strategic points for extra strength. All the hinged components (doors & decks) are double-skinned to add extra strength and rigidity and a "factory-finished" appearance to your roadster. The splendid shot above was captured by Backdraft owner Tom Paquin of Beaufort, South Carolina. Tom's photo above is hotlinked to a MUCH LARGER view of a this maroon roadster.

Note: each of Backdraft's hotlinked high-resolution images on this page
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Paint finish. After meticulous preparation, the body shell is sprayed using PPG paint. The body receives a show-quality clearcoat before it's buffed and ready to be fitted to the chassis. This 3/4 rear shot was captured by Backdraft owner Bill Littleton of Burlington, Kentucky.

Above: the image of the red Backdraft roadster above is hotlinked to a larger,
alternate view of this car. Photos by Bob McClurg.

Chassis. The chassis is constructed from top grade 2" X 4" rectangular steel tubing. The chassis is gusseted with steel plates in several areas to add strength to high stress areas. The final phase of the chassis building is completed when it's powder-coated, thus enhancing the overall appearance and helping to protect your car to help ensure a long life for your investment.

Steering. The car comes standard with a rack & pinion system. The car can accommodate a power assisted steering on special order.

Front suspension. The front suspension has cast lower wishbones with a coil-over strut. We also use a stabilizer bar to further refine the car's handling.

Rear suspension. The car utilizes a full IRS (independent rear suspension), system with a centrally-guided multi-link, two track control arms and one longitudinal arm. The rear suspension is fully-adjustable and also comes with 3-way adjustable shocks.

Brakes. Power disc brakes all 'round. Ventilated discs in the front and solid discs in the rear provide excellent braking.

Above: the cockpit and engine photos above are hotlinked to high-resolution
images so you can see the details close-up. Photos by Curt Scott.

Wheels. The wheels are a 'Halibrand'-style aluminum bolt-on pieces. They come in 15" as standard; you can upgrade them to 17" as an optional extra.

Cockpit. Your interior comes fully carpeted with a top-grade carpet and overlay mats as a standard feature. The seats, door panels and dash panel are all covered in a top-quality cowhide. The driver's side seat comes standard with a adjustable seat slider fitted. The interior is not only functional, it is also very comfortable; your BackDraft roadster can accommodate a "taller" (in excess of 6-foot), driver and passenger. The interior is completed with VDO electronic instrument gauges.

Exhaust system. Stainless steel headers & sidepipes come as standard equipment. These are custom-made; you have the option to order them ceramic coated.

Rollbar. The car comes standard with a driver's-side rollbar, which bolts directly to the chassis. This is a fully-functional 3-piece unit:

Above: the image of the Backdraft rollbar above is hotlinked to a closeup view of a
red roadster's fender vent and sidepipe. Photos by Bob McClurg and Curt Scott.

General. The crate car comes with an aluminum radiator fitted with dual cooling fans. The hood (bonnet) has stainless rivets pre-fitted to resemble the original 427. A tunnel-mounted handbrake lever with an aluminum handle is fitted as standard equipment.

Stay tuned. This is just our initial foray onto CobraCountry. We'll present you
with more information, pages and photos over the coming weeks and months!

I'm BackDraft's Reg Dodd. Give me a call at:

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fax (561) 739-5126

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