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Tuesday, 23 January 2007
NEWS FLASH: Peter Brock injured at SCORE event

We received this news today (1/23/2007) from Vintage Motorsport magazine:

Photojournalist Peter Brock Injured at SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, Nevada

Photojournalist and Vintage Motorsport magazine contributor, Peter Brock was badly injured Saturday, January 20, while covering the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge event in the Nevada desert.

Brock was photographing on a section of the course when an out-of-control 1600-class open-wheel desert racer left the course and struck him from behind, throwing him about 30 feet. He suffered a badly broken leg, including his femur and ankle and numerous bruises. Medical personnel on site immediately rendered aid and transported him to a nearby hospital, after which he was airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas for surgery.

Brock is in very good spirits despite his injuries and knows that it will take some time to get his leg back in shape. His wife Gayle, who accompanies him to all the races and who is also a photographer, has been with him since the accident. He's now recuperating at his Washington state home.

Although Brock is widely known and respected today for his work as a photojournalist covering races around the world, he is also known as the designer of the world-famous Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe back in 1963, a car (six were built) that went on to beat Ferrari for the World Manufacturers Championship in 1965. He is also the designer of the current Brock Superformance Coupe.

All of us at Vintage Motorsport (and, I might add, at CobraCountry) wish our good friend and colleague the speediest of recovery.


 Saturday, February 4, 2006 
Photo Feature

Tri-County graphic above is hotlinked to photo coverage of TCC's
Saturday (4 February 2006) gathering in Camarillo, California.
25 serpents in attendance. Check it out!


Superformance/Brock Coupe

Road & Track
"Sports & GT Cars 2006"
special issue
MUST-READ track test and feature article

As I penned many years ago, the Winchester '73 may indeed have earned the accolade The Gun that Won the West, but it was those small-block Cobra roadsters and their sleeker/faster siblings, the immortal Cobra coupes--sculpted by Peter Brock--that in 1965 earned legend status as "The cars that snatched the chequered flags from Ferrari and won The World Manufacturers Championship."

This R&T ("Sports & GT Cars 2006") special issue treats you to six full pages (pp. 88-93) on Superformance's Brock Coupe. It's a certifiably eye-popping performance test and occupant-friendliness appraisal that concludes with this atypical rave: "... (The Brock Coupe's) performance challenges the fastest contemporary sports cars, while its ageless design stands alone."

Here's a peek into R&T's performance-test results:
0-60 in 3.5 seconds; 1/4-mile in 11.8 seconds; skidpad: 1.07g

Don't miss it, Coupe fans! It's already on the newsstands (January 2006), and is scheduled remain there until sometime in February (probably only until this "Sports & GT Cars" special-issue sells out).

 Cobra enthusiasts:
check out (hotlink) this web page

current details about the latest maneuvers in the Shelby/Ford/
   replica industry legal saga that you should be aware of...


"One Little Guy Lays Siege
to a Big and Shady Operation"

Remote hotlink to Patrick Bedard's June 1995 Car and Driver magazine commentary about about Curt Scott's relentless exposing of Florida kit car telemarketer's business practices and product quality. Courtesy of Car and Driver magazine and Bob Putnam at Era Replica Automobiles.

Update: January 2006
Email overload cont'd:
We continue to receive so much email (well over 300 email messages each day, seven days a week) that we cannot possibly respond to all the messages; I cannot even justify the time to read many of the lengthier ones. If you've emailed me and didn't get a reply, that's the reason. We're doing our best. If you have a REALLY urgent matter you need to discuss with me, then phone me at 661-251-0806, and keep it as brief as your subject (or your dilemma) will allow.

Cobra Country commentary

Image above is hotlinked to
Bushwhackers and Bully Pulpits

Titanic trivia

If you happen to view the movie "Titanic" again, look closely at those big polished-brass ship's gauges (you can see them close-up after the ship encounters the fateful iceberg on Sunday April 14, 1912). They're Smiths Instruments!

Cobra Parking Only sign

high-quality enameled/screen printed, heavy-gauge aluminum sign.
Measures 12" x 18" (30.5cm x 46cm)

Photo at left hotlinked to
Cobra Parking Sign page.

Hotlinked page opens in a new, "temporary" window. Just close it to return here!

In Memoriam

Every August brings us another anniversary of the death of racing icon (and legendary Shelby American Team Driver) Ken Miles, who served in the British Army Tank Corps in WWII, raced motorcycles in his spare time and came to America in 1952 to play a major role in introducing road racing (MGs, Porsches and eventually Shelby Cobras) to North America. Ken was killed in a freak accident at Riverside Raceway on Wednesday August 17, 1966.

Here's a splendid bio about Ken (hotlink), reprinted
(with the gracious permission of Road & Track magazine)
from the November 1966 Road & Track.


A whole new page of Cobra, Daytona Coupe, GT40 and GT350 posters. At right, the famous David Kimble "Cutaway 427SC" poster. Hotlink to these new posters!


Hitler Smiley Faces


Humour: The Keyboard-Charakter Corporal... hotlink...

Headlines you might read in 50 years.
as forecast by The Washington Post
Humor Department-HEADLINES hotlink

Top Ten (humourous) quotes
from the Kansas Kit Kar Klub newsletter
Humor Department-HEADLINES hotlink

a roster of some world-class rearrangement of alpha characters
Humor Department-ANAGRAMS hotlink

Lucas--Prince of Darkness
Here's a mirthful montage of Lucas Electric jokes, sent to us by
Paul Mossberg of the New Jersey Replicar Club. Enjoy!

High-Octane Hotlinks
on CobraCountry
(each Cobra icon is hotlinked)


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