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As the last AC 'Ace' rolled off the production line in 1962, another British sports machine was being introduced at the London Motor Show. Hailed by automobile writers of the day as "technically superb," this car, the MGB roadster, had exterior dimensions that were essentially identical to those of the AC Ace. But that was where the similarity ended. The MGB roadster's radically new, monocoque structural design permitted a more spacious cockpit with comfort and amenities never before possible. Coil springs, independent wishbone front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering and a rigid, rock-solid body, produced handling and ride characteristics tailored for a modern generation of driving machine aficionados. Autocar magazine described the new MGB's driving/handling attributes as "equal to the finest road-touring cars."

The California Ace (Cal Ace) by C-F Enterprises is a styling kit designed to transform the venerable MGB roadster into an AC Ace look-alike, combining the best of British style, engineering and handling.
Your assembling of the Ace is relatively simple and straightforward, since the entire MGB roadster with the exception of the bumpers, front fenders and hood/bonnet) are retained. You bolt a new fiberglass front clip of classic 'Ace' lines to your MGB subframe, using the original mounting locations and hardware. Your 'Ace'-styled rear clip is bonded to your MGB body. After installing the front and rear clips and door skins, your Cal Ace is ready for block sanding and painting. Your completed AC Ace replica can thus be registered and titled as an MGB roadster.

The 'Cal Ace' is an inexpensive alternative to a Shelby Cobra replica, and is the perfect formula for resurrecting your wrecked or rusted MGB roadster.

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Information package $5
Assembly manual & VHS videotape $30

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