Google 'Chrome'
browser alert/warning!
[Windows version(s) only; includes Chrome v58.0]

Over the past several months (since early 2017) we at CobraCountry have been been advised by site visitors that Google's 'Chrome' browser contains a VERY serious bug that (trust me!) seriously detracts from your experience on CobraCountry. We haven't ascertained just yet precisely how many version(s) of (Windows) Chrome are affected, but we do know that v58.0 variants [specifically, v58.0.3029.110] is one of Chrome's culprits.... a loser browser.

And I'm being kind.

To wit:

1. When you click on any photo (in a 'regular' ad) or on almost any other text link on CobraCountry, the photo or page is coded to open up in a brand-new window; when you close that window, you should be still looking at the prior page where you clicked on the link. For the 'regular' ads, this (quite ordinary) link is the best way to accommodate those hi-rez photos you see of a Cobra for sale on CobraCountry. You then close that photo and click on the next one in the ad (on the 'For Sale' page that's still open, the way you left it].

Put into geekspeak, the html code for the window to open is <blank>, which tells the browser to open a new window, NOT to open the photo or new page in the existing window. No rocket science is involved in this quite ordinary coding.

2. Google Chrome's code bug: When you click on that (properly coded "blank") link, at least one Windows version of Chrome fails to recognize that <blank> command, and instead opens the photo or web page in the same window you were in... and thus when you close that window to go back to the ads, you discover that CobraCountry has gone 'Poof!' No longer there. Very exasperating.

But I gotta emphasize: this maddening bug is Google Chrome's programmers' fault, not ours. If your version of Chrome is causing this problem, your only solution [until Google finally addresses their code glitch and fixes it] is for you to use another browser... Explorer, Safari, Firefox.

So your solution is as simple as "ABC"... "Anything But Chrome."

Now, listen carefully: you've already tested for this code glitch without even knowing it. This page was coded to open up in a new (i.e., blank) window. So when you close this page, you should still be looking at the page where you clicked on the link to bring you here. But if that page has gone 'Poof!', then you're using a defective version of Chrome... and it's time for you to switch to another ("ABC") browser.


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