EMS 427SC Cobra
A rolling masterpiece in Onyx Black/claret stripes

3/4-frontal (pass side) shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

As long as I can remember I've had a passion for American musclecars. My favorite of all time has been the Shelby Cobra... just true raw power, performance and an adrenaline rush like no other!

Four years ago I had the good fortune of coming across an exquisite Cobra, manufactured by hand, by renowned builder Bill Emerson of Emerson Motorsports (EMS), in Redding, California. Over the last two decades Emerson has handcrafted over 100 of these elite level custom-constructed Cobras.

EMS is renowned for the attention to detail and innovative application of cutting-edge technology.

No expense has been spared in the body preparation, integrity and quality of finish... impeccable in every respect!

  • show-quality black paint (paintwork done by acclaimed Jesse Lindbergh at NorCal Paint)
  • Claret Red racing stripes
  • forced air–induction hood
  • custom underhood Cobra hand airbrushed by artist Carl Avery
  • polished SS front bumperettes
  • Tri-Bar headlamps
  • custom Harley Davidson side mirrors
  • SS wiper arms
  • 4" polished exhaust w/heat protection–wrapped interior mufflers
  • polished cast/machined aluminum LeMans-style 3-1/2" fuel-filler cap

Under the Hood
Ford Racing 'SVT' 4.6L V8 'Aluminator'
balanced & blueprinted [500 hp; capable of 700 hp] 

Engine photo#1 above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

This is a premium-performance racing engine capable of up to 700 hp with just a pulley change; custom tuning performed by famed Ted Taormina from Taormina Imports of San Francisco.

This 4.6L powerplant is outfitted with:

  • Eaton 'Model 112; supercharger with Stiegemeier upgrade [fully polished]
  • aluminum cylinder heads
  • polished aluminum Ford Racing valve covers & intake
  • ceramic-coated headers
  • mass airflow sensor
  • serpentine drive belt
  • custom motor mounts
  • polished SS–lined engine compartment
  • extensive braided SS lines
  • polished SS bolts and fasteners
  • custom wiring system
  • custom oil pan
  • remote oil cooler
  • 'Mini Torque' starter
  • custom-fabricated dimpled 4-core radiator comparable to a 5-core unit
  • polished Cool Flex water pipes
  • polished SS overflow tube
  • SS-braided fuel lines
  • serpentine drive belt
  • custom motor mounts
  • polished SS–lined engine compartment
  • extensive braided SS lines
  • polished SS bolts and fasteners
  • custom wiring system

Engine photo #2 above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Engine photo #3 above hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

SS lined firewall above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Gear Train

  • Tremec 3550 5-speed manual transmission
  • custom driveshaft
  • armored driveshaft tunnel
  • rugged Moser 9" rear end

Another hotlinked wine country shot [same (bonnet up) view, MUCH larger size].

In the EMS Cockpit

This cockpit shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

In the grand touring–equipped cockpit:

  • Momo leather–covered: steering wheel, shifter, emergency brake lever
  • carbon fiber custom fabricated dash
  • Auto Meter 'Ultra Lite' black carbon fiber–faced gauges
  • tilt steering column
  • custom/self-cancelling turn signals
  • G Force 5-point racing harnesses
  • The seats in this Emerson Cobra are very comfortable... ideally suited for long trips and club touring events.
    Emerson's custom fiberglass seat 'blank is made and fitted specifically for EMS Cobras. Seat cushions are fashioned from high-density/high-quality Swedish memory foam. Seat upholstery is handcrafted from exquisite black Italian leather.
  • fire extinguisher
  • custom vent screens
  • dual horns
  • custom visors
  • 3 mirror set (polished)
  • custom wind wings
  • custom polished SS door drink holders
  • custom made pedals
  • custom center console w/carbon-fiber insert
  • door panels made from same matching black Italian leather as the seat surfaces
  • black Mercedes-Benz carpet
  • steel floor [and steel footboxes]
  • Emerson Cobra door sills [illuminated]
  • 3/16"-thick armor-plated doors
  • custom handmade polished SS door hinges; each hinge has a bearing rating of 600 lbs.

Emerson Cobra doors are distinctive and noteworthy. They are bolstered with a specially folded steel armor plate. These doors with their powerful handmade hinges anchored to the frame, will absorb a 55-mph direct side impact, without collapsing into the cockpit.

  • carpeted luggage compartment
  • polished trunk hinges

EMS cockpit photo above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

EMS Cobras are the only ones in the market with mandatory headrests. This helps prevent the serious (neck/head) injuries that can occur with rear impact.

Rolling Stock

  • Shelby Racing 17" alloy wheels with Shelby knockoffs
  • Where the rubber meets the road: [Nitto 245/45Rx17" front; Nitto 315/35Rx17" rear]

Rollbar shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Rollbars in the EMS Cobra are 1/4"-thick SS industrial steam pipe, polished to a chrome-esque shine. Additionally, these beautiful and robust rollbars are inserted into female mounts that have been welded directly to the frame.

You also get an auxiliary/supplementary center bar to install for racing support.

Chassis & Coachwork Particulars

EMS's frame and coachwork are engineered into an integrated harmony, whereby impact in one area is transferred and dissipated throughout the rest of chassis.

Frontal impacts, for example, are engineered to transfer a large part of the energy into the engine in an upward direction, while transferring more throughout the frame, doors and body.

EMS Cobra bodies are light, tremendously strong, handcrafted works of art. Stronger than steel, yet sufficiently resilient to absorb impact. Bodies are composed of a composite matrix, based upon a select grade of vinyl ester. The EMS body does not expand or shrink under extreme heat or cold due to the chemical consistency of the resin mixture.

They are produced from a very complex body mold that creates both inner and outer panels all in one operation. The entire shell comes out of the mold absolutely seamless and ready for mounting on the chassis, in one very strong piece.

EMS Cobras utilize a custom-engineered exhaust system that increases power and reducing the external heat of sidepipes to 170°F [77°C]. While this is at the higher reaches of safe as skin burns at 160F... it won't damage bare skin with quick contact.

Wine country shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

The Approaching Menace
in Enzo's Rearview Mirror

In-your-face frontal shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Other Particulars

  • custom rack & pinion steering system
  • rugged Moser 9" rear end
  • 4-link rear suspension
  • full-floating axles
  • QA1 adjustable coil-over rear shocks
  • adjustable front coil-overs
  • rear (anti-) swaybar
  • chromed upper control arms
  • electric power brakes
  • vented 13" rotors with Coleman 'Outlaw' racing calipers
  • SS braided fuel line
  • SS gas tank
  • steel armor–plated gas tank mounting area

Snake shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Custom underhood Cobra hand-airbrushed by
artist Carl Avery of Carl Avery Studios.

'Dexopen' shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

This is a very rare and distinctive Cobra that radiates tremendous character. It embodies the power and performance that made American musclecars the icons of the motoring world, with a timeless elegance and sleek sophistication.

oo $105,500 obo

Ben Bettenhausen

(646) 509-3022 EDT (cell)

email:  BBettenhausen@me.com
 Lodi [San Joaquin County], California 

The outstanding serpentine photography you see on this page was brought to you by Ben himself, using his fine Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera and a Canon 24–84mm zoom lens. He took advantage of San Joaquin County wine country for a backdrop... perfect for a claret-striped Cobra, eh? Ben carefully followed this site's 'Cobra Photography Tips.' so he could capture that 'liquid look' of his terrific black paint job!

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