A Barber Chair for Bobby
resto miracle by Rick's Restorations, Las Vegas

American Restoration (History Channel), produced by Leftfield Pictures. The TV series is recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada, where (in several episodes each week) it chronicles the daily activities at Rick's Restorations, an antique restoration shop in Las Vegas.

Shop owner Rick Dale, employees Kowboy, Brett, Kyle and Brettly, wife Kelly, brother (Ron), teenage son (Tyler) and daughter Ally collaborate to restore various vintage items—from 1940s candy dispensers to 1950s juke boxes to old Kelvinator refrigerators and vintage drivin' machines from pedal cars to race cars to rustbuckets—to their original condition. [the reptile's share of this preamble courtesy of Wikipedia]

Bobby Burns [Amityville, New York] commissioned Rick to snatch from the scrap heap the scruffy old Koken barber chair you see below and refit it to harmonize with the persona of Bobby's 427SC Superformance Cobra. The episode showcasing this chair's serpentine trip to FIA homologation first aired on Wednesday, 10 October, 2012.


above: a "BEFORE" snapshot of Bobby Burns' 1920s-vintage 427SC barber chair.
Prior to
being rescued and winding up in Rick's Restorations' boneyard, it had spent several aeons
at the bottom of a waterlogged wadi someplace in Mesopotamia. True Story.


above: the "BEFORE" frontal shot of Bobby's silver Superformance 427SC Cobra.

BEFORE, that is, Bobby discovered this site's "Cobra Photography Tips..."

Bobby's BarbaLounger
AFTER Rick's restoration regimen

427SC hardware and livery includes:

 —rollbar-encased adjustable headrest
 —Shelby 427SC Cobra racing-striped upholstery
 —lowered floorpan
 —oversized brake pedal
 —gray (talcum) powder-coated valve covers
 —'correct' reversed shifter handle—doin' double duty as a quick jack
 —perfect/center-of-chassis weight distribution
 —snake oil is recommended for lubrication and hydraulics
 —reinforcement of stress points to check those embarrassing hairline cracks
 —Oh! And Rick's simulated Moto-Lita hardwood rim on the base.

Rick mentioned to me that his team must be careful restoring a vintage relic such as this, since it can be difficult to locate original replacement parts. With this piece he said they had a few close shaves—but they all worked out in the end... as you can see from the evidence on Bobby's rec room floor above.

Bobby sez his spiffy chrome throne really hums along at a steady clip.

Name of Bobby's rec room is "Sidepipes & Sideburns."

Bobby sent us this photo to validate his boast that he occasionally takes Barbie for a spin.

Bobby asked me to mention that Columbus Center Cobra Club is the third largest
Cobra club in the entire Amityville commuter shed.


above (clockwise): Bobby Burns (standing, at 12:00), his better-half Tara (at 3:00),
Rick Dale (seated, at 6:00),
and Rick's wife Kelly (at 9:00). Bobby didn't 'splain
 why this family photo was time-lapsed over so many hours.

That's 'Dino' the Sinclair brontosaurus imparting a little Mesozoic ambience to the scene. Whew!

So you see, we've transported you in time from today's Superformance reptiles that run on petroleum
 to yesteryear's superflatulence reptiles that produced it for you!

Here's a tip 'o' the racing visor to Bobby Burns (who REALLY pulled all the plugs to get his photos and the basic narrative to me), and Amanda Powers (see below) and to Rick Dale and his motley crew who teamed up to provide the restoration magic—and factor in Rick's wit, charm and simpatico personality—so that this fun feature article was rendered possible!

I made up the part about the waterlogged wadi in Mesopotamia.

   And a closing salute to Rick's fine craftsmanshop from Amanda Powers...

When it comes to restoration, Rick Dale is your go-to guy. Rick makes a living restoring America's past, one dilapidated, beat-up piece at a time. The History Channel series, AMERICAN RESTORATION, follows his work as owner of Las Vegas-based Rick's Restorations, a family business that takes rusty old junk and painstakingly restores it to its original beauty. Naturally, these restorations aren't easy. Whether it's a 1960s golf cart or a big red Mobilgas 'visible' gas pump from the 1920s, each project presents unique challenges that compel Rick and his team to employ inventive processes to finish each job flawlessly and on time. New episodes air Wednesdays at 9pm [8pm Central Time].

Amanda Powers, Babygrande Public Relations [Leftfield Pictures/American Restoration]


   above: the "AFTER" frontal shot of Bobby's Stuttgart Silver Superformance 427SC Cobra...
AFTER, that is, Bobby carefully followed CobraCountry's
"Cobra Photography Tips."
 Bobby's serpent exhibits as marvelous a makeover as his barber chair does!

Click on the hotlinked photo above to compare Bobby's before/after shots

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