E.R.A. 289FIA
Maui Blue/E.R.A. chassis#2102

Above 3/4-frontal (driver side) shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).

This reptilian road rocket was purchased from the renowned Cobra builder Peter Portante of famed E.R.A. [Era Replica Automobiles, New Britain, Connecticut]. 100% frame-up restoration with all top-rung premium componentry, just completed in September (2017). Original-correct (i.e., aggressive) FIA stance.

427 cid Windsor stroker V8
Originally built by Keith Craft; delivers a 600 hp/ 556 ft.lbs.of torque

Above engine compartment photo is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).

Among the premium parts and components under the hood:

  • Eagle rods
  • Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam
  • forged steel crankshaft
  • fresh bearings
  • new timing chain and timing gear
  • Mahle pistons
  • Edelbrock 'Victor Jr.' high rise intake [and 'Victor Jr.' CNC heads]
  • Stuart high-perf water pump
  • SS (stainless steel) surge tank
  • Carter mechanical fuel pump
  • custom-reworked 1,000 cfm Holley 4-barrel carburetor fitted with adjustable metering blocks
  • Keith Craft 'Signature' polished aluminum valve covers
  • K&N 14" premium air cleaner
  • ceramic-coated headers
  • SS exhaust with quick-release V-band clips
  • heavy-duty manually- and thermostatically-controlled, puller-mounted cooling fan
  • remote oil cooler with airfoil
  • Canton 9-qt. oil pan
  • MSD ignition ensemble [the 6AL box is concealed beneath the (passenger-side) dashboard; changeable chips for MSD rev limiter]


  • Lakewood safety steel 'scattershield' bellhousing with external hydraulic slave cylinder for clutch;
  • Weber HD (but leg-friendly) clutch assembly;
  • aluminum flywheel;
  • Tremec TKO 600 5-speed OD gearbox [0.82:1 5th-gear ratio];
  • Jaguar XKE aluminum-housed IRS, rugged Dana 44 positrac gears, extra-heavy-duty 31-spline jackshafts [in the Jag pumpkin]


Above cockpit shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).

  • aluminum frame/leather-clad racing driver's seat, E.R.A. passenger seat;
  • genuine Wilton Wool carpeting add a final touch of authenticity to the cockpit;
  • electrical 'kill' switch within easy driver reach, on the bulkhead behind the passenger seat

Note: the original E.R.A. shoulder harnesses and (handcrafted premium-construction) original E.R.A. driver seat (in excellent condition) are individally negotiable with the sale of the car; details are provided at the bottom of this page.

Above instrument panel shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).

  • genuine Moto-Lita 14" hardwood-rimmed wheel;
  • period-correct Stewart Warner blackfaced instrumentation [on 'correct' Racing/Competition dashboard layout];
  • tunnel-mounted chromed fire extinguisher;
  • that's the (black) horn button you see immediately to the right of the hardwood rim



  • black powder-coated frame;
  • 700 lb. rear springs (per pair) with adjustable coil-over Spax shocks; front shocks are dual-rebound adjustable Konis with 500 lb. (per pair) Eibach springs; these units meet E.R.A.'s original specs;
  • Wilwood 12" front disc brakes with new rotors; rear are single-caliper Jaguar 12" brakes

Above 3/4-frontal (passenger side) shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).
That's the Connecticut River in the background.

Above broadside shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).


  • genuine Shelby American 17" aluminum rims with 6-pin knockoffs
  • shod with Goodyear Eagle 'F1' rubber [275/40ZRx17" front; 315/35ZRx17" rear]

Note: full spare set of PS Engineering 6-pin rims [polished aluminum, set of four] shod with Hoosier radial slicks [275/40ZRx17" front; 315/35ZRx17" rear]. Negotiable with the sale of this car; separate pricing details are provided at the bottom of this page.

Above 3/4-frontal shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).


Menacing frontal shot above is hotlinked (same view, much larger size).


  • period-correct black rollbar [with 'FIA-correct' forward-facing 3rd strut];
  • extra custom bonnet (hood) with a 14" hole cut for air cleaner for use at the track

Above rear quarter shot is hotlinked (same view, MUCH larger size).

This is the top of the pyramid of the 289FIA genre of the Cobra family line, and a splendid, take-no-prisoners driving machine. I've enjoyed 12 years of visceral thrills behind the wheel of this spectacular serpent; now it's some other lucky guy's turn to pick up where I've left off.

Whoever gets this serpent will be treated to driving adventures on a whole new level.

Be sure to see the high-end spare components for this car, itemized down below.

$85,000 obo

Bill Cadley

(860) 227-1493 EST (cell)

email:  WCadley@comcast.net
Stabled 4 miles from the Connecticut River in Chester, Connecticut 

 Spare components for this Cobra, for sale individually:

  • extra "racing-friendly" custom hood painted to match the car, with a 14" hole replacing the original scoop [set up to remove front-end lift at speed and to accommodate a 2" spacer plate beneath the carburetor]: $350
  • E.R.A. driver seat [splendidly-constructed/handcrafted original]: $450 obo
  • E.R.A. original shoulder harnesses, full set: $75
  • Richmond Gear 5-speed tranny: $1,000
  • PS Engineering 6-pin rims [polished aluminum, set of four] shod with Hoosier radial slicks [275/40ZRx17" front; 315/35ZRx17" rear]; includes this entire ensemble of rolling stock: $1,500
  • Eibach springs: two (250 lb.) front springs: $75; two (350 lb.) springs: $75

The spectacular Cobra photography you see on this page was brought to you by Bill himself, using his daughter Chloe's Nikon D3300 digicam and its standard 18–55mm short-zoom lens. Bill scrupulously/conscientiously heeded this site's 'Cobra Photography Tips'... and his results speak for themselves!

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