E.R.A. 427SC
Serpiente Dorada

Broadside shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

ERA #567. ERA Cobras [Era Replica Automobiles, New Britain, Connecticut] is quite possibly the manufacturer of the finest Cobra replicas on planet Earth... renowned for their authenticity, attention to detail, unerring body seams and superb and robust construction.

Serpiente Dorada [golden serpent]: this Cobra is finished in dazzling Sunburst Gold with Black Infinity LeMans stripes. Coachwork that was painstakingly handcrafted by the World-Class craftsmen at ERA.

E.R.A.'s 18-month production time to complete this drivin' machine was well worth the wait: for you to duplicate this ERA Cobra today would set you back many thousands of dollars more and an eternity of wait time.

—This sleek beauty is titled and registered in Florida as a '1966 Ford'—

It was first registered in 2000thus it meets the time-in-service
requirement for import into Canada.

Under the Hood
original cast-iron Ford 390FE Ford V8
 [built by none other than renowned Danbury Competition Engines in Danbury, Connecticut] 

Engine compartment photo is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

This 390FE powerplant is outfitted with:

  • Ford 390FE [375 hp @ 5500 rpm] original cast-iron big-block V8
  • medium-riser intake manifold
  • Holley 750 cfm double-pumper carburetor
  • Edelbrock aluminum heads
  • forged steel crankshaft
  • LeMans connecting rods
  • LeMans cast aluminum/ribbed valve covers
  • MSD 'Pro Billet' distributor and 'under-dash' concealed 6AL ignition box with rev-limiter
  • 7-qt. (6.62 litre) steel T-type oil pan
  • firewall-mounted fuse panel for easy access
  • braided SS hoses and ANSA fittings
  • Stellings air cleaner with premium K&N filter
  • custom fit/polished aluminum turkey pan and black expansion tank
  • remote oil filter with easy access from above
  • remote 6" oil cooler system with custom shroud
  • three electric cooling fans [two pusher fans and one puller-mounted fan], thermostatically-activated and with dash-mounted manual override
  • exhaust heat shielding to protect tops of fenders and front of footbox
  • ceramic-coated headers and sidepipes
  • Optima 'Yellow Top' gel battery concealed in luggage compartment with keyed battery cutoff switch

3/4-frontal shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • Lakewood 'scattershield' steel safety bellhousing
  • Centerforce clutch assembly
  • rugged Richmond Gear 'Bulletproof' 5-speed gearbox
  • Jaguar XKE IRS [caged, with positrac 2.88:1 final ratio]


This (Legend-correct) cockpit shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

  • Legend-correct SC dash layout with Stewart Warner blackfaced instrument gauges
  • Lucas toggle switches
  • concealed 'kill switch' in glove compartment
  • premium-leather–upholstered track-adustable seats
  • Moto-Lita hardwood-rimmed steering wheel
  • 'correct' forward-facing shifter
  • fully carpeted, including luggage compartment
  • Crow aircraft-style 5-point competition shoulder harnesses & belts
  • triple-chromed/chassis-mounted driver-side rollbar
  • map pocket in each door
  • dash-support steel pillars [as per the original]
  • Clarion AM/FM/CD stereo player [concealed in the glovebox] and quad speakers
  • glass windwings and dark tinted sunvisors

Moto-Lita wheel/SW gauges shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Dashboard shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • ERA jig-welded/mig-welded and powder-coated, ladder-type chassis with outriggers
  • rack & pinion steering
  • heavy-duty front & rear swaybars
  • Jaguar XKE independent rear suspension caged with 2.88 :1 limited slip (posi) final ratio and inboard brakes [those inboards reduce 'unsprung' weight to improve ride and handling]
  • disc brakes all four corners, 11" vented front brakes
  • Spax coil-over/fully adjustable shocks [2 in the front; 4 in the rear]

Broadside shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • 15" genuine Trigo 5-pin, pindrive knock-off wheels w/spinners and wires, shod with Cooper 'Cobra G/T RWL' tires, P235/60Rx15" front; P295/50Rx15" rear. Tires were purchased new in 2016 and have logged only 1,100 miles [1,769 Km].

3/4-rear [pass side] shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Great reflections.

Rear quarter shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • tonneau cover and soft garage cover
  • 'Tri-pod' front headlamps
  • black soft top with side sliding windows
  • 'correct' round 'bullet' taillights
  • riveted hood scoop
  • 20-gallon gas tank [76 litres]
  • new 6 lb. lead alloy hammer for the knockoff wheel spinners
  • six beautifully illustrated books trace the history of the Shelby Cobra


Rear shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


You get all the correspondence that I had with ERA before, both during and after taking possession, and all the vehicle documentation, build instructions, parts and maintenance manuals from ERA.

I've kept careful track of every gas fill-up, oil change and local maintenance that was needed and logged every mile each time the vehicle was driven and have kept the few parts that have been replaced.

This meticulously-built ERA driving machine is in magnificent/ head-turning condition throughout. Only 11,500 miles [18,503 km] logged. You'll encounter no unpleasant surprises with this bona fide 'golden oldie'...


Nestor Fernandez

(954) 803-xxxx EDT (cell)

 Pembroke Pines (Broward Cty.), Florida

12 November 2017: Thanks to Curt and his excellent CobraCountry website, my "Serpiente Dorada" (Golden Snake) E.R.A. Cobra is on its way up to Maryland this week. Curt spent hours with me [trust me: capturing the color of my gold-colored snake required his specialized knowledge and car photography expertise] and helped me tremendously with his advice and suggestions. Anyone who intends to turn to CobraCountry as his sole (or primary) method for selling a Cobra must pore through Curt's "Cobra Photography Tips For Dipsticks" and follow them to the letter. Most importantly, phone him first and describe your car to him. It makes an incredible difference with the results you achieve... including of course landing a buyer for your car. Curt has only your best interests in mind, so pay close attention to what he tells you... he knows what he's doing, while most of us do not when it comes to marketing a Cobra. Thanks again, Curt, for all your patience and sage advice. Nestor Fernandez

The outstanding serpentine photography you see on this page was brought to you by Nestor himself, using a borrowed Nikon D5100 digicam that he had never used before. Nestor carefully followed this site's 'Cobra Photography Tips' and captured these great shots!

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