Shelby 427SC
CSX4017LA, Midnight Blue

3/4-frontal shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Shelby 427S/C Cobra (1965), CSX4017LA. Midnight Blue/ Wimbledon White stripes.

This garage-kept CSX4000 Series Cobra has been titled, registered, and insured as a Shelby 1965 since 2010. This means it is smog exempt in California.

Speedometer was replaced at 11,220 miles and indicates less than 3,000 miles since.

original cast-iron (cross-bolted
main bearings) 1964 427FE V8

Engine photo is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Engine is built on a period-correct 1964 427FE block and bellhousing, and is outfitted with:

  • Holley 750 cfm four-barrel carburetor & period-correct Stelling & Hellings air cleaner (you get the K&N as well)
  • Edelbrock 'Performer' aluminum heads
  • Edelbrock 'Performer' aluminum intake manifold
  • Crower hydraulic roller cam (260/266 duration; 0.524"/0.537" lift)
  • Keith Black hypereutectic pistons
  • Harland Sharp 1.76:1-ratio roller rockers
  • Canton 8-quart oil pan
  • remote oil filter with period-correct oil cooler lines using Mocal 17-row oil cooler
  • period-correct coolant recovery tank
  • Shelby (mfd. by Fluidyne) 3-row aluminum radiator
  • period-correct dual (pusher-mounted) fans and a 16" 1,300 cfm puller fan
  • "COBRA 427" cast/ribbed aluminum valve covers
  • MSD 6AL digital ignition and Pro Billet distributor
  • Kirkham billet reservoirs replace the original tin can reservoirs (you get those originals)
  • high-torque mini starter


  • FoMoCo/Ford FE steel bellhousing
  • Voss Performance proprietary McLeod clutch assembly
  • rugged Tremec TKO600 five-speed transmission with 0.83:1 overdrive ratio (excellent highway cruising)
  • Salisbury/Dana 44 aluminum-cased IRS differential with 3.54:1 gear ratio. Engine spins at only 2,650 rpm at 70 mph...

Above broadside/driver-side shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • robust hand-laid fiberglass composite with proper rolled edges
  • aluminum-lined wheel wells
  • insulated footboxes and center tunnel
  • period-correct riveted aluminum trunk floor
  • Ron Butler's autograph on the rear aluminum panel
  • yellow pit stripes on left front fender (removable)

Overall color scheme signifies a tribute to my
USN aviation years [Fly Navy!]


This (Legend-correct) cockpit shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

  • Shelby leather upholstery: seats, map pockets
  • fully adjustable seats [both driver & passenger] with Shelby bladder inserts for added comfort
  • Shelby custom black wool carpet
  • 'Legend-correct' original S/C dash configuration with lockable glovebox and Carroll Shelby's personal autograph (signed in 2010)
  • Shelby Signature blackfaced gauges [with correct reverse-sweep speedometer]
  • Lucas toggle switches with tunnel-mounted ignition/push-to-start button panel
  • Moto-Lita mahogany-rimmed 15" steering wheel with "AC" center emblem
  • Raydyot brushed aluminum reproduction mirrors
  • period-correct reverse shifter
  • fresh-air ducting with 120 cfm wheel well blowers
  • Simpson 4-point safety harnesses (5-point set also included)
  • single, period-correct, black frame-mounted rollbar
  • under-dash 12V power outlet
  • Optima 'RedTop' batteries [two 6V batteries in series, behind passenger seat]
  • battery cutoff switch at driver's fingertips
  • adjustable wind wings and dark-tinted sun visors
  • original-style floormats
  • Robbins 'AC Cobra' tonneau cover (long style). Lift-the-Dots expertly installed by none other than McCluskey Ltd.

Instrument panel shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • original-style 4" round-tube main rail frame with lateral stiffeners and 'correct configuration' birdcage
  • unequal-length front control arms with Shelby-installed Pro coil-over shocks (500# springs)
  • unequal length rear control arms and trailing links controlling original-style reproduction 427 IRS (fully inter-changeable with the original Salisbury unit) with single-rebound QA1 adjustable coil-over shocks (500# springs)
  • front & rear swaybars with special (Acton) Teflon-bushed pillow blocks on the rear bar
  • Shelby (mfd. by Flaming River) manual rack & pinion steering

Rear/Quarter shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • CNC master cylinders for brakes and clutch are under-floor mounted as per the original CSX3000 Series
  • Shelby Signature Series (mfd. by Baer) brakes on all four corners

Luggage compartment/'boot' shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • Wheels: 6-pin-drive set of original Shelby-specification wheels
  • Rubber: Firestone 'Indy 500' 235/60x15" front; Cooper 'Cobra' 295/50x15" rear]

3/4-rear shot above is hotlinked [ALTERNATE view (passenger side), MUCH larger size].


  • Shelby 23-gallon [87-litre] fuel tank with Shelby fuel-level gauge
  • Holley mechanical fuel pump and dual Shelby trunk-mounted, dash-controlled, electric fuel pumps

Manufacturers Statement of Origin [MSO] personally signed by Carroll Shelby

Tony Sousa carshow awards shot above is hotlinked [ALTERNATE view
(of CSX license plate),
MUCH larger size].

The Blue Nemesis in Enzo's
Rearview Mirror

In-your-face frontal shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Rear/Quarter shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Rear shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


Rick Holada

(310) 374-xxxx PDT (cell)
Located on Hermosa Beach, California, USA 

12 November 2017: You can mark my Midnight Blue Shelby CSX4017 Cobra SOLD! It's gone to a new home right here in southern California. Many thanks to CobraCountry and to my friend John Saia who took those great photos for me! Rick Holada

The top-flight Cobra photography you see above was brought to you by Rick's good friend John Saia, using his fine NEX-F3 digicam. John carefully followed this site's 'Cobra Photography Tips' and captured these super shots!

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