1966 Shelby GT350
#6S929: (correct) Sapphire Blue/white stripes

Above: The Sapphire Blue Waterloo in James Bond's rearview mirror
Photo is
hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

The first time I saw my future Shelby GT350 (#6S929) was back in 2002 in the shop (for routine service and inspection) of the world-renowned Maeco Motorsport [universally-respected classic car restoration specialists], in Northridge, California. I told Maeco's owner, Mike Eisenberg, "If this beauty ever becomes available I want to buy it!" Mike had completely restored it back in 1998.

In 2008 Michael informed me that (its owner) Terry Miller was ready to sell. I purchased this Shelby pony the very next day—a dream come true!

original issue (#6S929)
Ford 289cid hi-po V8

Above engine compartment photo is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Among the FoMoCo and Shelby original parts and components under the hood:

  • (original) 289 cid cast-iron FoMoCo block—with original/validated serial numbers
  • (original) cast-iron heads
  • (original) Shelby Cobra aluminum intake manifold
  • Holley 750-cfm double-pumper carburetor [you get the Shelby original (and very valuable) 715 cfm carb with the car]
  • custom exhaust headers with 3" exhaust system by Joe Ellis
  • (original) COBRA/Powered by Ford cast/ribbed aluminum valve covers

The hood (bonnet) is the Shelby original [ruggedly constructed of
 fiberglass/steel internal framing] with molded-in hood scoop.

SFM#6S929: Mustang GT350 serial number plaque, riveted on alongside
 the driver-side fender in the engine compartment.

Above 3/4-frontal/passenger-side shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • Borg-Warner Super T-10 4-speed cast-iron gearbox.
  • (original, rugged) Detroit Locker rear end 

Note: you also get this car's original-issue (and Shelby/GT350-specific) Borg-Warner T-10 4-speed gearbox-with its distinctive casting combo [cast-iron main housing and cast-aluminum tailhousing]; this gearbox is so rare and valuable that it beggars logic to subject it to wear & tear with routine driving and shifting.


Above cockpit shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

  • (original) FoMoCo blackfaced dash gauges and [plus the GT350 dashtop-mounted tachometer]
  • Carroll's personal autograph on the glovebox door [you get the photo of him signing it]
  • 3 additional gauges mounted under the dash
  • Shelby 'R-model' hardwood-rimmed steering wheel
  • original quick-release aircraft-style 4-point racing harnesses for driver & passenger
  • Shelby R-model rollbar
  • '66 rear package shelf with spare tire & cover

Above: closeup of Carroll's personal autograph is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Click Here! to see an impromptu snapshot of Carroll doing the signing.


  • Torq-Thrust 'D' wheels
  • BF Goodrich Radial T/A rubber in good shape [brand-new, in fact]

Note: you also get this car's set of five original (optional/extra cost) 14" 10-spoke 14" x 6.75" 'Magnum 500' wheels with Shelby center caps, and shod with BFG T/A Radial rubber: Click Here! to for a closeup shot of one of the wheels & tire.

Above 3/4-rear passenger-side shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].


  • (original) underride traction bars
  • original/genuine black & yellow 1966 California license plates [fully refurbished & restored]
  • fuel cell
  • R-model front apron with bumper
  • Koni adjustable shock absorbers
  • solid frame & coachwork throughout, no rust
  • always carefully garaged and maintained
  • equipment provenance includes: all original FoMoCo numbers are stamped on both the chassis and the engine (matching numbers); the Borg-Warner T10 [that comes with the car] was specific to only Shelby GT350 Mustangs.

Oh! Of course it's properly registered in the SAAC [Shelby American
 Automobile Club
] World Registry.

Driver-side shot above is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

Stowage compartment shot above is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].
Note the Fuel Safe fuel cell (with splash guard), gel battery,

Rear-quarter shot above is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

Now I'm selling... moving on to my next 'Bucket List' dream car. This blue & white 'stang will more than fulfill the next (lucky) owner's dream.


Gary Meyer

(661) 270-xxxx PDT (home)
[dial *82 first if you have 'Caller ID Blocking' on your phone] 
This Shelby pony is stabled in northern L.A. County, California

4 March 2017: You can mark #6S929 Shelby GT350 SOLD! It's gone to a new stable and a lucky new owner, down in Culver City. And if you recall, our second set of rolling stock (Shelby wheels and BFG rubber) that we photographed and priced separately based on your recommendation, went to a buyer in Illinois shortly after our ad went up. I thank you and Dona thanks you. And our photographer friend (Ben Verleger) asked us to say that your site's spot-on photography tips should be required reading by anyone who aims a camera at any vintage driving machine! Gary Meyer

The splendid Shelby photography you see on this page was brought to you by Gary's buddy Ben Verleger, using his Sony DSC-R1 digicam fitted with its superb Carl Zeiss 24–120mm lens. Ben doggedly followed this site's 'Photography Tips for Dipsticks' so he could capture the proper 'predator persona' of Gary's Shelby!

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