E.R.A. 427SC Cobra
Twilight Blue/Wimbledon White stripes, Chassis#583

'Great Reflections' frontal shot above is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

ERA 427S/C #583... the finest Cobra replica on the market. There's little question that ERA has long produced the most authentic, accurate, and fully engineered... no compromise... Cobra on the market. This meticulously maintained, never abused, low-mileage (3,050 miles/4,900 km) serpent finished in the dazzling paint scheme of Twilight Blue Metallic with Wimbledon White stripes, was assembled by the dedicated crew at ERA with the all best components, parts and options.

The NOS (1965) 427FE was built by the world-renowned John Vermeersh of Total Performance in Clinton, Michigan. John is known in the FE world as one of the ranking experts on these motors; he certainly built a magnificent one for this Twilight Blue beauty. This was one of the first ERAs built with the optional modular rear assembly, outboard brakes, and 6" oil cooler.

You get the full documentation of this FE build, along with ERA build instructions for builders, parts manuals, maintenance manual, and the stock replacement parts list.

NOS 1965 Ford 427FE

Powerplant photo is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

This splendid Ford 427FE is outfitted with:

  • LeMans rods and crankshaft
  • Ross D-cup pistons
  • Edelbrock aluminum heads
  • Lunati cam
  • 750 cfm double-pumper Holley carburetor
  • turkey pan
  • braided SS hoses and ANSA fittings
  • Melling hi-volume oil pump
  • MSD 6AL ignition ensemble
  • heavy-duty 1,800-cfm cooling fan
  • Tilton HD starter
  • Stellings air cleaner with premium K&N filter
  • firewall-mounted/easy access fuse panel


  • Lakewood 'scatterproof' steel safety bellhousing
  • wide-ratio (and rugged) Ford toploader gearbox
  • Hurst shifter
  • modular rear assembly with outboard disc brakes, 3.31:1 final ratio

3/4-frontal/elevated shot of this blue beauty is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].


Cockpit shot above is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

  • Cockpit is authentically outfitted with:
  • Stewart Warner gauges (in Street Version positioning)
  • Moto-Lita hardwood-rimmed handmade steering wheel
  • Lucas toggle switches
  • glovebox*
  • premium leather seats, shifter boot and door pockets
  • track-adjustable seats
  • genuine Wilton Wool carpets and Cobra floormats
  • halotron-filled fire extinquisher [halotron is a clean, fire-extinguishing agent that discharges as a rapidly evaporating liquid, which is non-conductive, non-corrosive, and leaves no residue.]
  • carpeted trunk

*I had the (inside naugahyde surface) of the glovebox door signed personally by Carroll Shelby at his Gardena (California) office back in 1999. It's a good specimen of Carroll's autograph, but it was later (inadvertently) smudged a bit by some item I had placed inside.

Here's a closeup photo of Carroll's autograph: Click Here!


Dashboard shot is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].


  • ERA Jig-welded/mig-welded and powder-coated, ladder-type chassis #583
  • Jaguar Salisbury IRS
  • outboard rear brakes (facilitates attending to the rear brake assembly)
  • a sixpak of Spax coil-over/fully-adjustable shocks
    • 12.2" front disc with Sierra 4-piston calipers
    • 10.5" rear dscs with Girling calipers

This broadside/passenger-side shot is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].


  • 15" Halibrand pin-drive (and safety-clipped) knockoff wheels shod with Dunlop 'G/T Qualifier' rubber—all in like-new condition.
  • You also get the (requisite) lead hammer for the knockoff wheels.

This 3/4-view passenger-side shot is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].


  • remote Optima gel battery with keyed disconnect in trunk
  • remote 6" oil cooler system with custom shroud
  • indoor (soft) car cover
  • fitted with the (correct) rectangular taillights

This rear-half shot is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].


This rear quarter shot is hotlinked [same view, much larger size].

Overall condition: This is a well-pampered serpent, always
 garage-kept. Only 3,050 miles [4,900 km] logged.

This is one of the very best-built 427 Cobra replicas you're likely to ever see... and you'll
encounter no downside surprises. Also know that your cost to duplicate this Twilight
Blue E.R.A. beauty today would be many thousands of dollars more...
 and you'd be faced with a lengthy wait for its completion.

    $74,900 obo

Pete Minck

Located in Saddle River, New Jersey (Bergen County) 

22 July 2017: You can mark my Twilight Blue E.R.A. Cobra SOLD! It's headed for a new home in Dallas, Texas. Now listen: anyone considering selling his Cobra (or Daytona Coupe or GT40) should look no further than Cobra Country. As a seller, it doesn't matter if you're the best photographer in the western hemisphere (and possess only the best camera equipment), be sure to phone Curt first and describe your Cobra to him (brand, color scheme, etc.). That step paid huge dividends for me and my friend (Rich Mathieson), who used his Nikon camera to shoot my car. Curt's tips helped the two of us to get the best photos of my car (and in sub-freezing late-December temperatures, no less); Curt color-corrected them to perfection, and wrote the best narrative describing my car. The photos of my Cobra on your website looked so good and the description was so appealing that I had serious second thoughts about selling it at all! Curt even helped connect the buyer with a great transport service based in my vicinity. Again, many thanks for your site's resources and for Curt's personal help. It all made the listing and sale of my Cobra a smooth and rewarding experience. Pete Minck

The terrific Cobra photography you see on this page was brought to you by Pete's buddy
   Rich Mathieson, using his Nikon D5500 digicam and its standard 18–55mm zoom lens...
Rich (and Pete) scrupulously/ conscientiously heeded Curt's 'Cobra Photography Tips'... and on a brrrrrrrrrr... bone-chilling–cold December morning in Bergen County.

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