Christmas Specials

CobraCountry purchased these art prints and posters between 1996 & 2001 from the Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation. You get a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the authenticity of his signature.

The position of Carroll's autograph will vary from the image shown (only because photographing and web-preparation of each individual autograph just isn't practical). But all are guaranteed to be very good specimens... much better than Carroll's typical autograph tended to be in his final years.

Supplies of these pieces are very limited.

"Cobra, 1965 World Manufacturers Champion,
 July 4, 1965—Reims, France" 
Daytona Coupe by Bill Neale.
Measures 16.5" x 21.5" (42cm x 55cm)

Personally autographed by Carroll Shelby

$125 + shipping

GT350, Cobra, Viper, Series 1 with image of Carroll Shelby
 1998 H.J. Cleworth print 
Measures 22.5" x 29" (57cm x 74cm)

Personally autographed by Carroll Shelby

$150 + shipping

Monterey Historic Automobile Races, 1997
Monterey Historic Automobile Races poster, 15–17 August 1997; "Tribute to Carroll Shelby" event sponsored and produced by Chrysler Corporation. Features CS along with a collage of cars he and Shelby American raced: MG-TC, Austin Healey, Ferrari 750 Monza, Cad Allard, Maseratis, Aston Martin, Cobra, Cobra Daytona Coupe, GT40, GT350 and more.
Measures 22" x 29" (56cm x 74cm)

Personally autographed by Carroll Shelby.

$150 + shipping

above image is hotlinked to a much larger view of the same watercolor print.

Watercolor collage print by Bill Neale on heavy artist paper
 Features Carroll Shelby in a Maserati 250F at the 1958 French Grand Prix, Louis Chiron, Stirling Moss, Bob Schroeder (in his 'birdcage' Maserati), Graham Hill, Phil Hill, Olivier Gendebien, Foy Barrett, Jim Hall, Dan Gurney (and his #11 Cobra at Sebring, 1964) and John Surtee and their various racing machines.
Measures 18.5" x 25.5" (47cm x 65cm)

Personally autographed by Carroll Shelby and Bill Neale,
and numbered [xx of 300]

$175 + shipping

above image is hotlinked to a much larger view of the same print.

Array of Shelby's at the Shelby American Museum in Dallas, Texas
Printed on heavy, glossy paper.
Measures 29" x 23"

Personally autographed by Carroll Shelby.

$150 + shipping

above image is hotlinked to a much larger view of the same "Uh-Oh" print.

"Uh-Oh" print by famed artist Ruel James
 This piece depicts two mischievous kids frolicking behind the wheel of Carroll Shelby's parked 427 Cobra roadster #98. Shelby's approaching shadow presents an ominous foreboding to the youngsters' antics, while their pet pooch peers uneasily at the advancing specter from behind his sheepdog locks. In the sky above you can see the billboard for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, site of the Shelby American's production facility, and a McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet taking off from (or perhaps landing at) nearby Nellis Air Force Base. This piece of automotive art is just right for your den or office... or for your kids' (or grandkids') playroom!
Measures 19" x 28.5" printed on very heavy art print stock

Personally autographed by Carroll Shelby and Ruel James,
and numbered [xx of 500].

$175 + shipping

Closeup of typical pair of autographs on these "Uh-Oh" prints: Click Here!

shipping: USA orders add $15 [shipped UPS/insured]

phone 661-251-2223 (8:00am-6:00pm Mon-Sat, Pacific Time)

or email us at:

Your print(s) or poster(s) will be carefully packaged
and shipped to you in a heavy cardboard tube.

Outside of the continental USA? Please contact us for shipping charges.

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