Shelby CSX 7027
LeMans Blue/Legend-faithful aluminum coachwork

3/4-frontal shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

1964 Shelby 289FIA Cobra, CSX7027. LeMans Blue/black upholstery. This is an aluminum body car that was assembled by Shelby American and then shipped to Shelby's authorized San Diego–based authorized dealer 'Only Yesterday' in 2001.

Only Yesterday's renowned & respected Master Cobra Mechanic Doug Pratte painstakingly finished the car to original 1964/'65 Shelby standards. Doug added the FIA-mandated trunk bumps, LeMans cap windbreaker, front brake scoops & ducts, oil cooler, original jack and grease gun.

Ford 302"/375 hp small-block V8

Above engine compartment photo is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Among the ("Wow! factor") parts and components under the hood:

Original-correct valve covers and intake manifold; original-correct Holley 'LeMans' Model 3259 4-barrel carburetor. That's a period-correct original (CAT2800) grease gun spring-clipped to the right footwell.

Above Shelby chassis number plate.

Dramatic frontal shot above is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

The car is equipped with side marker lights, Lucas headlamps and period-correct Lucas driving lights. Original rearview mirror,

Gear Train

Tremec T-500 5-speed transmission, original-correct Salisbury-style IRS.


Above: driver-side cockpit shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Above instrument panel shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Doug used original-type Stewart Warner gauges that includes a (dazzlingly) period-perfect 1964 'Police Highway Patrol' SW speedometer [correctly-positioned-and-angled FIA-style on the RHS of the dashboard] and an original 1964 Shelby tachometer.

Above: closeup of that splendid (1964 vintage) Stewart Warner 'Police Special'
150 mph speedometer. Photo is
hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Above: Dan Gurney's autograph commands the top center of the instrument panel.
Photo is
hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Above: A rare glimpse of a set of (period-correct) Ray Brown 'Impact Line'
safety belts used on the original 1964 FIA Cobras.

Above: passenger-side cockpit shot.

Above passenger-side 3/4-frontal shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Those are original-faithful genuine Trigo wheels shot with street-legal re-created Goodyear 'Blue Line' rubber.

Above frontal shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size].

Above: Where the tyre meets the boot. Take a gaze at that [genuine
and fully functional, original-correct, British-made] bronze
Shelley LJ22 screw chassis jack strapped to the driver side.

Above rear-quarter shot is hotlinked [same view, MUCH larger size]. Cute dimples.

CSX7027 is listed in the Shelby World Registry and comes to you with all the original and proper Shelby documentation.



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Located in San Diego, California

The awesome Cobra photography you see on this page was brought to you by Neal's longtime pal (and brother-in-law) John Moonan (visiting from Tampa, Florida), using his Nikon D70 DSLR digicam and its 18–280mm zoom lens. John carefully followed this site's 'Cobra Photography Tips'... and his results speak for themselves!

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