CoolCar car cover masthead
CoolCar car cover in action

..Reserve your own shady parking spot wherever you leave your car...
for 8 minutes at Albertson's, 8 hours at work, or 8 days at the airport!

As you know, your car's windows act like king-sized magnifying glasses, channeling the sun's UV rays and heat into your car and significantly increasing the interior temperature. The effects over time include oxidized and cracked dashboard and other vinyl components, faded and deteriorated upholstery, cracked leather, collapsed headliner, premature failure of electronic components, drying/hardening of door and window seals, convertible roof fading & cracking... to list a sampling of the ravages that the sun inflicts upon your passenger compartment. And those wretched UV rays don't take vacations: even overcast and cool weather doesn't slow UV's relentless corrupting of your cockpit.

...enter the caped carshader...

CoolCar™ covers your car's roof and windows in seconds (about as quickly as a windshield shade, in fact), providing your interior vinyl and upholstery with effective, all-around protection against sun damage. The silvercoat material reflects UV and heat, in the process keeping your interior up to 80°F (45° Celsius) cooler. The weighted softpaks provide the ballast for tossing your CoolCar™ over your roof; you can close your car doors over the cover, and it's quite effectively secured against theft (see photo, below right). It removes just as quickly, and stored in your trunk takes up about as much space as a rolled-up sweatshirt. It's ruggedly manufactured of reflective silver polyurethane on UV-resistant polyester, and it fits compact-sized to full-sized sedans, sports cars, pickups and the front portion of SUVs and mini-vans.

CoolCar car cover for a brief stop

above: CoolCar™ as you'll toss it
for a brief visit to the store.

CoolCar car cover secured

above: CoolCar™ as you'll secure it by closing your doors on it.

year-'round utility

Your CoolCar™ is equally effective as a snow/frost cover, rendering it a snap for you to clear your doors, roof and windows of accumulations of white stuff...

CoolCar car cover description

and a personal endorsement

I examine (and even test and use) several motorcar-related products for each one you find displayed here on CobraCountry and (as well as MustangCountry and StreetrodCountry). CoolCar™, being demonstrated at a carshow, promptly snared my attention. You see, for over 20 years, when I've left my car at LAX or Burbank Airport to attend/photograph an out-of-state carshow or a race, I've used a dedicated flat bedsheet (trust me: the term "fitted sheet" doesn't apply to motorcar coachwork) to cover my car, and just as with the CoolCar™ cover, closing the doors on it to secure it in place. It worked okay to protect my car(s) from the California sun, except that it was a bit annoying to secure into place, especially in windy weather. CoolCar™ works just as effortlessly as it's advertised... its weighted softpaks rendering it a cinch to install and remove. Good stuff!

quick car cover

Reduced price!
is $39.95
plus $10 shipping (7 lbs. shipping weight)
(shipped UPS ground, to all destinations in the U.S.)
California residents must add $3.20 sales tax. Bummer.
Out of U.S. orders: actual cost of shipping

Place your order for your CoolCar™ with us at:

Crown Publishing Company
26949 Whitehorse
Santa Clarita, California 91387 U.S.A.
phone orders
fax orders 661-251-8584


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