Uncle Carroll's Fairy Tales: What kind of parallel universe is he living in?, by SAAC’s Rick Kopec. Tuesday, 10 June 2008. Road & Track magazine (July 2008 issue) joins Hot Rod magazine (June 2008 issue) in the motor-publishing industry's relentless ratcheting-down of professional journalistic standards: don't check the sources, don't check the allegations, just run the interview unchallenged and publish the story. These automotive rag-amuffins must think that their readers are too witless to know any better: i.e., “If we print it, they'll believe it.” Sigh.

Trying To Rewrite History—and not getting away with it, by SAAC’s Rick Kopec. Sunday, 20 April 2008. It's about Carroll Shelby throwing Peter Brock under the bus in the upcoming (June) issue of Hot Rod Magazine. Even a brief, most cursory, simple checking-of-the-facts of The Legend’s “recollections” (we’re talkin’ Journalism 101: Verify, Verify, Verify!) would’ve put the kibosh on Hot Rod’s publishing of this journalistic disgrace.

Tri-County CobrasSaturday, 5 April 2008: Cobra roadsters, GT40s and Mustang GT350s rendezvous at The Tailgate Grill & Bar—Ventura, California. Photographic coverage of the event by Curt Scott.

Tips for Selling Your Cobra. CobraCountry advisory. Curt Scott shares his expertise and his 20+ years of accumulated experience in guiding Cobra owners to cost-effectively market their serpents... all predictably sprinkled with Curt's subtle wit.

26 October , 2007

Letter from a grateful Backdraft Racing owner. A salute to Backdraft's Reg Dodd, from roadster owner Ron Harvey

24 October , 2007

Scorched Earth: California Firestorms of 2007. Reporting from Santa Clarita, Wednesday, 24 October 2007.

November, 2003

Cobra Country commentary

Image above is hotlinked to 'Bushwhackers' commentary


Everything is Beautiful / Predators and Editors. The specialty-car industry's grand coalition of fraudsters and adsters. ! If you've ever wondered just why the kit car and streetrod magazines never warn you about the industry's frauds... even the convicted felons... here's your answer.

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