Award-winning maker of custom-crafted and
         hot-rodded Cobra replicas since 1983.
            7408 Pacheco School Road
            Redding, California 96002 U.S.A.

            (530) 222-2063


above: Mike Whaley's (Redding, California) "street-rodded" EMS Cobra replica. It features Porsche 8-way power seats transplanted from a Turbo Carrera, a full stereo-CD sound system, a 351 Windsor with Edelbrock Power Package and Jacobs Electronics, Hi-Tech dimpled-core radiator with custom overflow and expansion tanks, a Vietnamese Mahogany dashboard and Boyd Coddington custom wheels fitted with Yokohama Ativa rubber. Those are "Tripod Light" peepers, a precise reproduction of the P700 Lucas headlamps of the 1960s.

above (and below, center): Terry Geiser's "organic-marbleized
.kt-gold-trimmed arts & crafts EMS Cobra replica."

Each of the images below is hotlinked to a much larger image.

Available: stainless-steel mandrel-bent headers with 7/16" flange. Hotlinked.

Here's a hotlinked closeup of that magnificent green car, decked out in House of Color blue-green marbelizer finish, with 6 coats of candy-organic green tint and 21 clearcoats on top.

The most spacious trunk in the Cobra replica industry; you can even specify that your EMS serpent accommodate a full set of golf clubs. Hotlinked.

EMS is a custom builder. Our sizzlin' serpent employs the layout of the Maine-ly Classics chassis, enhanced with re-engineering of the bracing and the floors. This augments the rigidity of this already-robust design. You can specify a custom thickness for your handlaid EMS coachwork. The door opening on your EMS Cobra replica is the widest in the snake market. The 600-lb. (224-Kg)-capacity door hinge (see photo below) floats on roller bearings. The door itself has 17" (43cm) of 3/16" (0.48cm) folded steel for reinforcement. This combination renders the EMS door one of the best-sounding and side-impact-protective in the Cobra industry. The car is bigger than a standard 90"-WB snake by 4" (10cm) in length, and 3.5" (8.9cm) in width. The car is not merely stretched; it's expanded. This provides you with a palpable advantage in both performance characteristics and ride comfort. The foot box, pedals and seat are custom fitted for you, so you don't just get in, you become a part of your EMS driving machine.

Custom-fitting your Cobra replica to you is what we do better'n anyone. We fit even the tallest or largest driver. We customize your EMS serpent for you, from a daily driver to an all-out racing machine to the most radical show car. We've spent years of effort addressing and remedying the problems of the original design. We've refined the performance and drivability while faithfully maintaining the flavor of the original. If you're seeking a carbon-copy clone of the original Cobra, you should pass us by. On the other hand, if you're looking to have a sizzling snake custom-fitted and custom-engineered to your specifications, you've come to just the right snake maker!

You've seen the competition's door hinges; this is the industrial-strength hinge that we use at EMS. Hotlinked.

Here's a hotlinked closeup
of an EMS customized cockpit.

Our scoop earned
...this editorial accolade...
"Ben & Jerry, buzz off; Joe
Pulitzer, you're a piker! This
is what a scoop is all about!
This might just qualify as the
most attractive Cobra intake
orifice ever!" Curt Scott

One of our custom-designed powerplant compartments. All sheet-metal and engine bracketry such as you see here is typically done in-house. Hotlinked.

Here's a hotlinked closeup
of EMS's rear axle setup. Its
appearance is exceeded only
by its performance.

EMS's Roentgen Reptile.
Yet another Emerson custom design.

Give me a call (or an email)!

Emerson Motorsports
7408 Pacheco School Road
Redding, California 96002 U.S.A.
(530) 222-2063

Roentgen Reptile artwork by artist Chris Pitt

Emerson Motorsports vigorously supports
"The 10 Golden Rules for Selecting and Purchasing a Cobra Replica"
featured in "The Complete Guide to Cobra Replicas."

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