Beauty's only skin deep.
Performance goes all the way through.

If your objective is to save money purchasing a 427 roadster replica, we won't hesitate to suggest several economy replicar manufacturers that you can contact.

On the other hand, if your objective is to possess and drive the very finest street/competition machine since rubber first gripped the road... the quintessence of elegant design and cerebral chassis engineering... of taut, responsive handling... of G-Force acceleration extraordinaire... then you should make New Britain, Connecticut, U.S.A. your next scheduled stop.

E.R.A. offers magnificent, high-performance reproductions of both the 427S/C and the 289FIA "Competition Cobra," as well as of the fabulous Ford GT40.
If you'll invest a few minutes to browse through the photos and linked pages below, we'll provide you with a glimpse into our commitment to producing Cobra and GT40 reproductions with no peer.

Press this ignition button to accelerate to E.R.A.'s 289FIA page!

Press this ignition button to accelerate to E.R.A.'s GT40 page!

E.R.A.'s production facility, New Britain, Connecticut. Linked photo.

or contact us (Peter Portante, Bob Putnam or Phil Gaudette) at:

860-229-7968 or 224-0253

Era Replica Automobiles
608-612 East Main Street
New Britain, Connecticut 06051 U.S.A.
860-827-1055 fax line
email at:

Please mention that you found us at our Cobra Country web site!

E.R.A. vigorously supports
"The 10 Golden Rules for Selecting and Purchasing a Cobra Replica"
featured in "The Complete Guide to Cobra Replicas."

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