A special business opportunity

Gentry Motor Works (GMW)

  • Recognized as a manufacturer of one of the finest limited production handcrafted Cobra replicas in the world. Winner of "Best of Auction" Newport Beach 1995--presented in Road & Track magazine
  • For discriminating owners who seek investment-quality automobiles.
  • We offer both the 289FIA and 427SC models.
  • We duplicate the original Mark III round-tube chassis and original suspension.

What is for sale? Everything!

Everything necessary for you to manufacture a complete line of the highest-quality Cobra replica automobiles. ALL equipment and tooling plus several units under construction including an actual Full Competition 289FIA; also video, customer list and build manuals.

This opportunity permitsyou to relocate anywhere you desire--to your current location or to a new place to improve your "quality of life."

If you're a principal with serious interest, please contact me for a more detailed in-depth discussion:

John W. Gentry
phone:  (256) 355-9644
pager:  (800) 951-6021

Outline Of Information Which Follows In This Site:
    (1) General Gentry Motor Works specifications (car)
    (2) Examples of models produced by GMW
          427 SC Cobra replica model
          289 FIA Cobra actual competition model (with log book)
          289 FIA Cobra replica model
    (3) Works in process to be included with your purchase
    (4) Manufacturing equipment/tooling - Chassis Dept.
    (5) Manufacturing. equipment/tooling - Fiberglass Dept.
    (6) Tools and miscellaneous fabrication equipment

General Specs--Gentry Motor Works Cobras
289FIA and 427SC
A brief overview of the specifications

Engine: Original pre-emission, FE-series Ford (427 or 428) stainless valves; various HP
Engine compartment insulation: Full aluminum firewall; footbox overlays a special 2300° aerospace ceramic insulation
Cooling: 427-- special 6-core radiator; 289--special 5-core radiator; single or dual cooling fans.
Brakes: Dual brake system front and rear; 4 wheel disc; Wildwood Road Racing System; vented rotor and 4 piston calipers; adjustable Neal brake and clutch pedal assemblies
Frame: Original Mark III type, ladder design of 4" round tube; heavier dom wall main frame; bolt-in transmission cross member
Front Suspension: Mark III original style, unequal-tube A-arms, upper cam adjustments; coil-over springs and shocks, 7/8" stabilizer bar, original steering rack
Rear Suspension: Mark III original style, independent rear suspension; rear hub with upgraded wheel bearings; coil-over adjustable springs/shocks, adjustable trailing arms, sliding rear axle shafts, three-point rear suspension adjustments
Wheels: Full (GMW) pin-drive Halibrand knockoff wheels
Body: Handlaid fiberglass with special high-temperature resin; inner structure is bonded to form a semi-monocoque construction
Options: Various options are available including soft top, hardtop, aluminum block/heads/manifold, Weber carburetors, aluminum-lined interior & trunk

Examples of models produced by Gentry

427 SC Gentry Cobra and Mark III chassis

427 SC Gentry Cobra
Solid black exterior and leather interior; black cloth soft top. 427cid engine, aluminum cly. heads, 4-spd toploader trans.; Mark III chassis and suspension; Wilwood brakes, pin drive hubs and Halibrand wheels.

Original  Mark III Chassis
Ladder design of 4" round tube, heavier dom wall main frame (GMW) upgrade to address the big block frame flex. Bolt-in crossmember. Original front suspension--unequal A-arm tube. rear suspension - independent, adjustable coil over shocks/springs. Original 6-pin knock off hubs.

Gentry 289 FIA Competition Cobra

Gentry 289 FIA Competition Cobra
*Customer Owned - Available For Sale
410 cid, all aluminum Ford small block 650 hp engine; four-stage dry sump oil system; triple disc carbon-fiber clutch system. Dual ignition; aluminum racing radiator; Ford big shaft toploader transmission. Ford 9" PowerLok differential. Wilwood racing brakes; cockpit safety door cage system; 3-position fire suppression system; pin drive knockoff hubs, Halibrand pin-drive wheels. Full aluminum cockpit and trunk areas; removable inner fender skirts; dual battery cutoff switch; forward and rear braced roll bar, "R" model driver seat; driver racing wind screen. totally "TIG" welded chassis. Vintage racing logbook issued

Gentry 289 FIA Cobra

Gentry 289 FIA Cobra
Solid silver exterior, black leather interior, black cloth soft top. 289 cid engine. stainless steel valves, tube headers/side exhaust, 5-speed transmission. Mark III chassis and suspension. Wilwood brakes. Original steering rack, aluminum firewall, five-core radiator, fuel cell foam filled aluminum fuel tank. Engine warning system, functional jacking bumpers, roll bar, handlaid fiberglass body.

Works In Process Included in your package

UNIT #1:  289 FIA Actual Competition Gentry Race Cobra
Special lightweight body, "TIG" welded Mark III race chassis. Includes driver's safety lower body/door cage. Mark III suspension components. Aluminum firewall, full aluminum floor, removable trans. tunnel, aluminum rear bulkhead, aluminum trunk with safety cage for race fuel cell. Aluminum dash, driver rollbar (forward and rear brace). Special race wiring harness (set up for dual ignition).
Also Available:  410 cid all-aluminum, Ford smallblock - 650 +hp, 4 Weber carburetors (set up for 4-stage dry sump), renewed big input/output 4-speed Ford toploader transmission (set up for a triple disc carbon-fiber clutch), 9" PowerLok differential.

UNIT #2:  427 SC Gentry Cobra
Handlaid fiberglass SC body, Mark III chassis and various suspension components.

UNIT #3:  427 SC Gentry Cobra
Handlaid fiberglass SC body, Mark III chassis and various suspension components.

UNIT #4:  289 FIA Gentry Cobra
Handlaid fiberglass FIA body


Manufacturing equipment and tooling

Chassis Department fixtures:
-Main chassis frame fixture
-Rear bumper tube jig
-Rear trunk alignment jig
-289 motor mount jig
-Lower race motor jig
-Ford 9" diff. center jig
-Lower rear A-Arm jig
-Upper rear A-Arm jig
-Lower front A-Arm jig
-Upper front A-Arm jig
-Steering arm jig
-Rear tower jig
-Front hinge jig
-Frame welding rotisserie
-Chassis fab tower
-Rear truck extension jig
-Front extension jig
-427 motor mount jig
-JAG diff. center jig
-Rear hub jig
-Lower rear A-Arm notchers
-Upper rear A-Arm notchers
-Lower front A-Arm notchers
-Upper front A-Arm notchers
-Front tower jig
-9" housing narrowing jig
-Rear hinge jig
-Frame racks (4)

Fiberglass Department fixtures:
-289 main body mold
-Cockpit mold, one piece
-Outer trunk skin mold 427
-Outer trunk skin mold 289
-Outer hood skin mold 427 / 289
-Inner hood skin mold 289
-Inner door skin mold 289
-Small hood scoop mold
-Small seat mold
-R model racing seat mold
-Racing fender skirt mold R / L
-Inner fender skirt mold 427
-Oil cooler jig 289
-Nose tab jig
-Rear skirt mold R / L
-Body skin / Interior bonding fixture
-Wiper / Windshield jig
-Two vertical body storage racks
-427 SC main body mold
-Trunk mold
-Inner trunk skin mold 427
-Inner trunk skin mold 289
-Inner hood skin mold 427
-Outer door skin mold
-Inner door skin mold 427
-Large hood scoop mold
-Large seat mold
-Dash mold
-Fender skirt mold 289
-Dash tab jig
-Oil cooler jig 427
-Air vent mold
-Five body racks
-Soft top drill rig
-Turtle body fixture

Tools and fabrication equipment:
-chop saw "Skilsaw"
-8" bench grinder, Black & Decker
-1" x 42" belt sander
-cutting torch / Oxy-Acetylene System
-H/D vacuum 32 gallon
-L-TEC plasma cutter, Type PCM-VPI
-J-D squared tubing bender
-top bow tubing bender
-Milwaukee 6" deep cut portaband
-band saw, floor
-chain hoist(2)
-cabinet base
-6 "x 42" belt sander
-6" bench grinder, B&D
-drill sharpener, B&D
-3 drawer tool box / base
-4 drawer tool box
-vertical drill press
-3/4", 1 1/8", 1 5/8" shoes
-metal part bends(2)
-Bead blaster cabinet
-mobile engine hoist
-6" vise

Misc Items:  Jackstands, drop lights, stools, hand truck, box fans, tunnel heater, 1/2" electric drill, air drill, 3-ton floor jacks (2), die grinders, metal workbench, various small items.

*Other items included are a wiring board for the construction of wiring harnesses.  Build and procedure manuals are available for you. This is but a partial roster of equipment included in your purchase.

Persons with serious interest in this opportunity please contact
me at one of the telephone numbers shown below:

John W. Gentry
phone:  (205) 351-0615
pager:  (800) 951-6021