With the installation of the Monster Miata '427' body conversion kit, you'll transform your stock (or body-damaged) Miata into a unique version of a 427 roadster. For a small fraction of the effort and the cost, you can present the illusion that you spent years restoring an original of this rendition of "The bad news in Ferrari's rearview mirror."

You'll enjoy all the conveniences of a modern sports car A/C, stereo sound system, cruise control, power windows and more, but's it's still every bit the crowd-stopper and crowd-pleaser as any of its serpentine brethren!

You can install the entire body conversion (front clip and rear assembly) in approximately two days; if you start on Friday evening, you can have it fully installed and ready for paint preparation on Sunday evening, or for a reasonable charge.

above: a 'Thoroughly Modern Miata'-based thunder serpent. No dearth of creature comforts here.

I'm David Leeh-Romero. Give me a call at

Monster Miata '427'
P.O. Box 58284
Seattle, Washington 98138 U.S.A.
(253) 221-0312

Mazda and Miata are trademarks of Mazda Motor Corporation;
Monster Miata's products have no connection with Mazda."

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