BFGoodrich 1996/'97 ad/poster car by OpsPlus

static cling meatballs

black & white, color, reusable

Static-cling removable/reusable
meatballs and racing numbers,
vintage decals, run-class letters.

  • White Vintage Meatballs: up to 20" circle 2/$30, or 4/$50
    specify size; picture is 16"
    Can put borders on meatball for white cars—$5/pr.
  • Black Meatball Numbers: size dependent upon circle size; picture is 9"
    Specify size; $3/number Ex. 11 or 01 = $6
  • Run Groups: AP, BP, CP, SS, et al. 1–3" $7/pr.    4–6" $10/pr.
  • Individual Numbers (each): 1–5" $4;   6–10" $7;   14–18" $10
  • Driven by (your name): 4" x 14" dependent upon name. $15 ea., 2/$25
  • Vintage Color Screened Decal Sheets: (2/set) Look great! $60/set
    Goodyear, Castrol, Autolite, Koni, Pure,
    Wynns, Esso, Red E,
    battery switch... set of 18
  • Windshield banner: 3" black lettering on clear static:
                                 up to 24"  $20
                                 24" to 48" $30
  • Clear static sheets: 0.008" X 18" x 24" for mounting adhesive decals for static application and applying to paint surface to protect against stone chipping. $15/sheet

Recommended: soft rubber application roller—$12
Custom Applications:
business, sponsors, logos—inquire!

Advantages of Static Cling

Static cling vinyl is unbeatable for both track and show. Does do not
come off at high speed when you apply it properly.

Easy for you to apply, remove and maintain.

Great removable/reusable alternative to paint, adhesive and tape.

adhesive available

Shipping & Handling, add $10/order

California residents add 8.75% tax

–payment by check, money order or credit card—

please allow 2–3 weeks for delivery

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