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Selling your Cobra or GT40
hinges in large measure on displaying good photographs
of your drivin' machine
to your prospective buyers.
If indeed "A picture is worth a thousand words," then it follows suit that
"One good photograph is worth a thousand crappy snapshots." Curt Scott

Here's a sampling of the typical Cobra and GT40 snapshots we
receive every day. Check 'em out for yourself... so you
don't make the same mistakes!

Click each of these hotlinked images and see some
GREAT examples of Cobra roadster photos

full-car shots
frontal shots
cockpit shots
engine shots
Not one of the splendid photos in the examples hotlinked above was taken by a professional photographer--each and every one was shot by "a regular Cobra guy" who carefully followed Curt's Motorcar Photography Tips and then sold his Cobra on CobraCountry. No magic involved--just good use of today's digital cameras!

Here's a hotlink to Curt's Motorcar Photography Tips--condensed/ prints on 1-page version. It's a mere 6-minute read. Print it out and follow Curt's simple step-by-step expert pointers--so you can capture seductive/irresistible knock-'em-dead photos of your car. Tip: this high-resolution condensed version prints out beautifully on glossy or semi-gloss inkjet paper.

Take your printout with you on your photo-shoot,
as a reminder checklist.

And listen: phone Curt FIRST—
after you've read his photography
    tips and checked out the fine Cobra photography gallery above...
but before you photograph your car—

 (661) 251-0806 
 for his expert personal tips for shooting your own specific Cobra 
or GT40 (tips specific, for example, to its paint color,
the engine, how to best photograph a hard top or
soft top, your shooting location, et al.).

Then email your text and (hi-resolution)
digital images directly to Curt, at:


When you email your photos and text to us:
Generally speaking, your ad will go up on prime time the same day it reaches us. But occasionally an email will just vanish into Cyberspace's circular file and not reach its destination. So be sure to phone Curt and make certain he received your files.

If you own a Cobra or GT40: no matter when you'll be looking to put it on the market, take time to read this rave-review testimonial from a Cobra owner who sold his serpent on CobraCountry. Read (and heed) Philip Gearhart's advice on what played a pivotal role in selling his Cobra promptly and getting his asking price!

Cobra Country
advertising rates

standard COBRA FOR SALE ad
 and standard GT40 FOR SALE ad
Your ad runs for 2 months on Cobra Country

$120 single color photo & text ad--add $15 for Marquis-Sized 2nd image
3 photo array: $150--add $15 for Marquis-Sized second spread
4 photo array: $165--add $15 for Marquis-Sized second spread


with Marquis-Sized photo array

Add $15 to run an additional hi-resolution/"fill your screen" mega-sized version of your photo(s)--to awe and motivate Cobra Country buyers

Photo at left is hotlinked to a Marquis-Sized image of that maroon Cobra for sale. A special tip 'o' the visor to Tom Paquin of Beaufort, South Carolina for his splendid photos of his Backdraft Cobra. Tom promptly sold his Cobra... due in part, no doubt, to his excellent photographs!

ad renewals

it's only $120 to renew/extend your ad 3 additional months... and you pay no add'l charge if your original ad includes multiple photos and/or the optional Marquis-Sized second array.

Cobra Prestige Showcase
Your Cobra or Daytona Coupe gets its own "Web Page on the World Stage."
(for over-$50k Cobra roadsters and Daytona Coupes)
top-notch/high-resolution digital photos mandatory

Here's a Cobra-For-Sale Prestige Showcase; Runs 3 months, $265. The icon at your left is hotlinked to Dan Braveheart's Prestige Showcase page, where he advertised (and SOLD) his magnificent E.R.A. 427 Cobra! With a Prestige Showcase you get your own custom-designed web page, with hotlinked high-resolution "marquis-sized" images.

[$220 to extend your Cobra Prestige Showcase Page for 3 additional months]

GT40 Prestige Showcase
Your GT40 gets its own "Web Page on the World Stage."
top-notch/high-resolution digital photos mandatory

Here's a GT40-For-Sale Prestige Showcase; Runs 3 months, $265. The icon at your left is hotlinked to Tom Hughes' Prestige Showcase page, where he advertised (and SOLD) his LeMans Blue CAV GT40! With a Prestige Showcase you get your own custom-designed web page, with hotlinked high-resolution "marquis-sized" images.

[$220 to extend your GT40 Prestige Showcase Page for 3 additional months]

Your Cobra or GT40 ad display or Prestige Showcase will appear in Cobra Country's "For Sale by Owner" section usually within 24 hours of our receiving your ad. CobraCountry's Cobra-enthusiast traffic is the very heaviest on the entire Internet.

-Cobra classified ads-

  • $85 all-text (no photo) classified ad, runs 2 months (appropriate for unbuilt kits, engines, other components)
-Cobra wanted ads-
  • $50 classified "Cobra Wanted" ad, runs 3 months ($50 to renew for another 3 months): broadcast to all the Cobra owners what specific Cobra you're searching for, what drivetrain components you desire, and/or what maximum price you're willing to pay.

Getting your ad to us:
Marketing your Cobra begins--first and foremost--
with good (preferably excellent) photographs

So here--by the numbers--are the steps you take.

1. Print out and (carefully) read Curt Scott's Motorcar Photography Tips; then

2. phone Curt (661-251-0806) and describe your car to him, so he can give you some extra expert tips for photographing your own specific car. Important considerations include: its paint color, the engine compartment, how to best photograph a hard top or soft top, your shooting location, et al.). This advance phone call to Curt will probably pay you big dividends in presenting your Cobra or GT40 to the world;

3. Photograph your car, carefully following Curt's tips. And don't stray away from his tips: if you follow them to the letter, you'll have captured a batch of superb photographs of your car;

4. Compose your text; for a "regular" classified/photo ad, keep it all in one paragraph; for a Prestige Showcase page, putting your lists of features and components into columns is just fine. You can use just about any ad you see on CobraCountry's "Cobras For Sale" or "GT40s For Sale" page as a guide to arranging your own descriptive text. Just be sure to keep all the logical items together--for example, everything under the hood belongs together, everything on the chassis & suspension belongs together, everything in the cockpit, and so on.

In a "regular" text/photo ad, try to keep your word count under 250... you'll be charged 20¢/word over 250 words. But you could draft The Great American Novel in fewer than 250 words. There are no limitations on the number of words you can use in a Prestige Showcase ad;

5. Email your photos and text directly to

Curt gently recommends that you email him 10 or 12 photos for him to select from (15 to 20 for a Prestige Showcase page); for example 4 or 5 "full car" shots, and 2 or 3 each of: engine, cockpit, and head-on frontal shots. And be sure to phone Curt shortly after you've sent your files, just to make sure they made it to him safely.

CAUTION!! Some digital cameras now come with special software to send your images over the Internet, especially Kodak. Apparently this software is often confusing to use (Wonders never cease!), and offers you a choice of resolutions, including "email resolution." This typically results in your sending an ULTRA-LOW-RESOLUTION copy of each of your photos. DON'T USE THAT SETTING--these low-rez/low-quality images are worthless for using in your ad.

Whether you send us your photos using your regular email program, or using your Camera's uploading software, make sure you send us your JPEG images at their full-size/ high resolution, and precisely as they came out of your camera with no cropping, no editing, no resolution downsizing.

Crown Publishing Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 1337
Santa Clarita, California 91386
Attention: Cobra Country Advertising

for ad insertions to be paid by credit card, dial:
661-251-2223 voice line, or
661-251-8584 (24-hr. fax line)


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