Unique 427 Roadster...smokin'!
photo courtesy of Car & Driver. magazine
Unique offers you the only Cobra replica ever recognized as "The Best Cobra replica" by Petersen's Specialty Car magazine. Unique was also selected for the coveted "Good Manufacturing Practices Award" by the Assn. of Handcrafted Automobiles, longt-time sponsors of the annual Knott's Berry Farm Specialty Car Show. in Buena Park, California.

Do you know which Cobra roadster is actually the rarest, the most competitive, and the most desirable collectible? It's the small-block racing models, immediate predecessor of the 427 series. Based upon the 289 Competition Cobra. (or USRRC Cobra, as it was originally labeled), these cars featured wider front and rear fenders (that is, wider than provided on the original "slab-side" 289s), cut-back doors, and an added oil cooler opening in front. There were originally only five of these 1964 Competition Cobras. produced, thus rendering the "FIA Cobra" (as it would later become known) the most desirable of the original Shelby roadsters. Collectors would eventually be required to shell out over one million dollars for one of these irreplaceable reptiles. Unique's entry (below) will set you back for considerably less...

Unique 289 Flareside

Unique's 289 Flareside is available to you in both component and turnkey form, either directly from Unique or from any one of our dealers nationwide. Like our big-block roadster, the small-block Flareside chassis sports the high-performance Jag/Salisbury IRS rear assembly and 11" vented disc brakes in front. Here's a superb, very reasonably-priced Cobra replica that you can drop a small-block Ford V8 into without breaking tradition...


Above: the crowd-stopping Unique 289 Flareside featured prominently in B.F..Goodrich's magazine ads! It was built (and is driven competitively) by Bob Shaw of Operations Plus, serving Unique Motorcars' customers in Southern California.


at right: engine well
of Unique 289 Flareside

...Serving the Cobra replica industry with distinction since 1977...

For our comprehensive color literature package,
$5 (for U.S. or Canadian delivery) or $10 (for overseas delivery) to:

Unique Motorcars
230 East Broad Street
Gadsden, Alabama 35903 U.S.A.
(The Weaver family: Maurice, Alan and Jim)
fax 256-549-1618 fax

We will promptly and cheerfully provide you with customer references upon request!

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