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To provide the preeminent world stage where you can best expect to sell your Cobra promptly and at a fair market price. That means we will position your car—and to its most competitive advantage—in front of thousands of prospective Cobra buyers who are dispersed far & wide and the world over.

 and our Serpent-Certified Formula to make it happen:

Team Member #1 (you) must put to use our expert Tips for capturing buyer-motivating photographs of your car. For your photo-shoot you’ll employ the results-proven techniques of a veteran Cobra photographer. Your untutored iPhone snapshots may (perhaps) help you sell your Toyota Tacoma to a local buyer, but they won’t help you reach over the horizon to those predominantly distant buyers in the worldwide Cobra and GT40 marketplace.

AND LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY: YOU—or whoever will be shooting your car—must phone me firstbefore you commit to your ‘final’ photo session of your car. Not negotiable. One more time: NOT NEGOTIABLE. If you intend to have a “good photographer” friend or relative…or a professional photographer…shoot your car for you… he or she must phone me first to go over my serpent-centric photography guidelines and the special tips that he (or she) must know in advance of photographing your specific car. Otherwise it’s absolutely, positively dead certain that all he’ll accomplish is to waste your time and ours. At best his unschooled images will be harmless; at worst your roadway reptile will resemble a roadkill rattlesnake. Either way, they’ll contribute nothing to help you sell your car.

Don’t take my word for it: just go to CobraCountry’s Pro and Advanced Photographers—Do it Right or Take a Hike and take a gaze at a sampling of the buzzard-bait snapshots sent to us by pro shutter punchers who scoffed at phoning me first, scoffed taking anyone’s advice… altho’ they typically charge a hefty fee for their supposedly expert shutter-clicking. And I’ll rest my case.

Team Member #2 (CobraCountry) skillfully colour-corrects and contrast-corrects your good photos and copy-edits and expertly polishes up your ad copy. Then we position your car in front of the thousands of prospective buyers who shop this site’s ‘For Sale’ pages every week.

Curt Scott


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