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It’ll cost you $370 (USD) to run an ad for your car. Runs for 3 months. That $370 will cover 10 good, color-corrected photos [no buzzard-bait snapshots are going to be representing your car on CobraCountry; on the other hand, we place no limit… within reason… on how many good/attention-getting photos can be deployed]. 

That’s to a packed arena of serious Cobra, Daytona Coupe and GT40 enthusiasts.

How’s that for “short ‘n’ sweet”?

If you need to renew your ad, the renewal price is slashed to $30 for a 1-month renewal, or $60 for a 3-month renewal. That makes it a $20/month renewal rate… less than 1/6 the price of the first run. You see, upon renewal we don’t have to repeat all that initial double, double, toil & trouble to professionally polish up your ad text and colour-correct and contrast-correct your (good) photos and position your car front & center… and to its best advantage… on the World Stage.

Mailing List Cars: If your car falls into one of our five Mailing List classes [289 Cobras, 427 ‘Street Version’ Cobras, Canadian-qualified Cobras, Daytona Coupes, GT40s], then the folks on our respective mailing list will promptly get a “New Listing” notice that your car just went up for sale. They’ll also get a fresh notice if you reduce your price (by $1,000 or more). That’s a big deal if you need to target these special-subcategory buyers that are otherwise difficult and expensive to reach, and there no extra charge for that benefit.

“Where do I start?”, you say? Just go to the “Cars for Sale” menu, let it drop down and click on the “Posting Your Car” menu link. Read those four brief paragraphs. You’re on your path to getting your drivin’ machine into the limelight on The World Stage.


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