Custom 557SC Cobra
The asphalt-kickingest menace to ever prowl the pavement.
Egyptian Orange/Onyx Black stripes

Click on the photo above to see it at a much larger size.

No need for you to look any further, you’ve found the ULTIMATE COBRA! From the ground up, this is indeed an other-worldly custom-built Cobra. No expense was spared and no detail was overlooked. This ‘Custom 557’ Cobra is an E-ticket ride… extraordinaire! It was built for one objective, and one objective only: to provide the driver the most breathtaking adventure he/she has ever experienced with any performance car. From behind the wheel of this blistering-fast beauty, any motorway, byway, beltway or boulevard is Thunder Road.

This ‘Custom 557’ Cobra has been scaled and balanced and boasts serious acceleration for when you want to go fast, and the suspension it must have in order to tame the turns and take the corners hard as possible. This little road rocket truly offers the most breathtaking, wind-in-your-face thrills you’ll ever have in a sports car! Brian Wilson perhaps phrased it perfectly: “If she had a set of wings, man I know she could fly!

If you’d like to experience the euphoria of being hurled from a carrier deck with a steam catapult, just punch your foot into the pedal of this 557 drivin’ machine and you’ll find out!

Below are some of the attributes of this Egyptian Orange bad boy:
Click on the photo above to see it at a much larger size.

—Gear Train—

Outfitted with the FAST-revving 557 cid/830 hp BIG-block Ford stroker V8 you see below, this take-no-prisoners Coppertone Cobra ratchets up the original Shelby serpent’s 1960s nickname ‘Jet-engine-on-a rollerskate.’

Click on the photo above to see it at a much larger size.
The block is a 460 cid Ford big-block stroked to a 557cid. The heads are Trick Flow 460A racing heads—polished aluminum. Custom cam designed by a top engineer from Comp Cams [Bill Peck—same fine chap who painted the car]. Every step of this engine build was executed by experienced professional craftsmen; the result is the fastest-accelerating and meanest-sounding V8 powerplant ever.

  • EMS-Pro ignition
  • computer-controlled fuel injection
  • Precision Metalcraft custom precision intake
  • Trick Flow A-460 polished heads
  • custom fuel delivery system pre- and post- filters, with 1,000 hp in-line Magna fuel pump
  • Innovators West custom valve covers

    Cooling Department:
  • Radiator is a high-capacity aluminum unit from JEGS; it’s cooled very effectively with a high-output Flex-a-lite puller-mounted electric fan (from JEGS as well), which pulls 3,500 cfm. Bottom line: this serpent’s engine runs anywhere from 150°–180° in any weather, at any ambient temperature and in any traffic situation.

—Gear Train—

  • Lakewood bulletproof/shatterproof bellhousing
  • Centerforce clutch
  • Tremec TKO600 5-speed manual transmission [5th gear is 0.82-ratio overdrive]
  • 3.23:1 ratio Ford (Posi) rear end

—Chassis, Suspension, Brakes—
The certifiably robust Midstates chassis is structurally reinforced in the frame and doors to further reduce flex and maximize rigidity.

  • Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes and cross-drilled rotors
  • AFCO adjustable coil-over gas shocks

—The Cockpit—
Click on the photo above to see it at a much larger size.

That spectacular interior features:

  • rich, attractive custom-crafted carbon fiber dash
  • custom camel-colored steerhide upholstery [seats, doors, trunk, and rear panel]
  • Moto-Lita hardwood-rimmed steering wheel
  • Auto Meter ‘Street Rod Series’ gauges (selected in large part for their high-contrast, easy-to-read Arctic White background)
  • Hurst shifter
  • electrical system cutoff switch
  • Kirkey aluminum-chassis racing seats [adjustable drivers seat ]
  • Safety Racing 5-point racing harnesses
  • chromed fire extinguisher [mounted under dash]

Click on the photo above to see it at a much larger size.
—Rolling Stock—

  • Billet Specialties wheels (custom ceramic coated)
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport Z-rated tires [295/30×18″ front; 345/30×19″ rear]
  • ALL of the tires are 40% wider than a normal Shell Valley/Mid-States Cobra. We selected (i.e., upgraded) them because of the phenomenal HP/torque the motor produces.

Click on the photo above to see it at a much larger size.
Click on the photo above to see it at a much larger size.
—All the decks open Shot—
Click on the photo above to see it at a much larger size.
Click on the photo above to see it at a much larger size.

There’s abundant structural buttressing to handle that thunder-generator powerplant: the excellent Midstates chassis has been strategically reinforced to provide extra strength and rigidity to virtually eliminateflex during acceleration and cornering.

The Shell Valley body was sculpted into place while investing hundreds of hours making certain the coachwork and paint was absolutely perfect. Everything from the carbon-fiber dash, custom-crafted leather upholstery, powerplant, suspension, & paint was carefully scrutinized to ensure this would be a one-of-a-kindCobra and a one-of-a-kind driving experience. That is to say, no one will be pulling up alongside you with a cookie-cutter Cobra just like yours….

Over $125,000 was invested as a “labor of love” to build and possess this dream drivin’ machine; it has since been appraised at $80,000.


Serious inquiries only, please!

6 September 2018: Please mark my custom 557SC Cobra as SOLD! It’ll be leaving today and traveling I-40 east to the lucky new owner in Madison Heights, Virginia. Thanks for all of your help, especially your Tips and assistance in photographing my Cobra... it sold, to a buyer 1,000 miles away based almost entirely on those good photos!

Thanks again! Doug Etheridge