CobraCountry Site-Searching Tips

CobraCountry is a colossus of a website… hundreds of web pages and always growing. But even so, finding what you’re looking for is a cinch:

Quickly Searching the COBRAS FOR SALE page

If you wish to find a word or phrase on a single page (such as the “Cobras For Sale” page), it’s very simple. This tip is not a CobraCountry–specific technique—rather, it’s a little-known but valuable browser feature that will work for you on virtually any page on the Internet. We’ll use the “Cobras For Sale” page for this little “page search” tutorial, since that’s the page you’re most likely to want to search. Let’s say you’re in the market for a Kirkham Motorsports Cobra. You’ll want to search for the keyword. Here’s how you’ll do it (once you go to the ‘Cobras For Sale’ page):

Windows computer:  press & hold your ‘Control‘ key and hit ‘F‘ (for ‘Find’)
Macintosh computer: press & hold your ‘Command‘ key and hit ‘F‘ (for ‘Find’)

Depending upon which browser you’re using, you’ll see a “Find dialog box” pop up on either the top or the bottom of the page.

Type in your search word(s): before you even finish typing <kirkham> into the text box (or even just “kirk“), your browser will already have raced to and highlighted the first instance of the word that it locates (Kirkham). As you click the search box’s directional arrow or click “NEXT” (depending upon which browser you’re using) you’ll continue to race to each successive instance of the word. When we tested for this tutorial, Safari found 18 instances of in under 5 seconds (the speed mostly dependent upon how fast you can click the arrow or the “NEXT” button).


 Quickly Searching every page on CobraCountry:
Use ‘Sidewinder’  for site-wide search

If you wish to conduct a site-wide (global) keyword or keyphrase search on all the pages of CobraCountry (except the ‘For Sale’ pages… see above), use the “Sidewinder” search engine. Click on the little magnifying glass on the RHS of the menu bar and the search box will pop up (well, down) for you. Type in what you’re looking for (even including typical typos and misspellings): say, <289FIA manufactures> or or . In about 1/20 of a second, you’ll get your results… that blink-of-an-eye result encompassed a search of several hundred web pages. It’s rocket fast and efficient. And if you enter an incorrect abbreviation or a typical misspelling or a typo, Sidewinder will still find what you’re searching for. Sidewinder was custom designed for CobraCountry and is programmed to find geographical keywords, proper names, product keywords, key numbers and common misspellings.