Emerson Motorsports Riverbank Bash 2001





1st Annual ‘Riverbank Bash’

Redding, California, Saturday, 30 June 2001
hosted/sponsored/choreographed by Janet & Jay Lamont

below: Emerson Motorsports’ First Annual BBQ and Get-Together on the bank of the Sacramento River. It sure looks like great fun!


above: some of the river-borne sightseers who throughout the day checked out the motorsports hardware. Note the Daytona Coupe replica at the far left.


above: A gathering of some of Emerson Motorsports‘ customer cars; in the background you can spot several Corvettes, also owned by Emerson’s present and future customers. The white Cobra on the right belongs to Emerson’s senior Cobra owner… 89-year-old Rex Hall, who (at the time of this 1st Annual event) finishing work on his second Emerson driving machine!


above: Emerson customer and supporter Dave Dodge (Danville, California) arriving at the festivities.

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