Knott’s Berry Farm “Fun in the Sun” 2002


Cobras and GT40s

You’ll see here a mere sampling of the ±100 Cobra and GT40 replicas at the 2002 AHA / KBF show. April 27 & 28, 2002

above: Backdraft Racing unveiled its roadster replica at Knott’s.

Shell Valley Motors‘ Serpent a la’Orange was a certified show stealer.

The long and short of it…

Operations Plus (and OpsPlus’ CEO Bob Shaw)
was there alongside 7′-1″ Bob Evans. Each of ’em drives a 289FIA made by Unique Motorcars. And great gize, bofum…

JBL high-performance roadster

That’s a closeup shot of Mac & Linda McComas’ (Hesperia, California)
Superformance 427 roadster. Detail pretty much speaks for itself, eh?

MidStates of course had a booth at KBF, although Bob Kallio was dodging bullets
at Laughlin, Nevada (he happened to be in Laughlin when the casino gunfire
erupted; not to worry… he’s okay).

above: Factory Five Racing was there in force; that’s Bob Evans’ #20 FFR Spec racer.
Be advised that there were two “Bob Evans-es” at KBF, both fine fellows; theowner/racer of this #20 car is about 6′ tall, the other, the owner/driver
of a Unique 289FIA is 7′-1″ tall.

above: That’s Mike Tirri (Campbell, California) in his God Bless America” Factory Five
roadster (editor: and a tip of the racing visor to Tony Blair and Great Britain…)

above: That’s Factory Five’s newly-introduced Daytona Coupe replica
in all its liveried glory.

above: Bob Evans’ (all 7′-1″ of him) Unique Motorcars 289FIA

Lynn Park (Trigo Wheels) was there in his trademark Smokey-the-Bear
headgear (you can get a glimpse of him at the far right of the photo).

House of Cobras, under new management, was there with this big HOC trailer
and several reptiles on display.

above: We can’t recall the details on this 850-horsepower powerplant,
but it’s an impressive setup.

above: California Advanced Vehicles‘ splendid GT40 replica stole the
hearts of GT40 enthusiasts. This is a beautiful drivin’ machine.

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