Posting Your Car

Posting your car on CobraCountry

Here’s the short (K.I.S.S.) version:

Selling your Cobra—and netting a fair price for it—is serious business. Since 1995, effectively introducing your serpent or your Coupe or GT40 to Cobra buyers all around the world is what CobraCountry is all about. So…

1. Give me a (telephone) call. I’ll ask you to describe your car [Cobra, GT40, Daytona Coupe] to me. Brand, color, livery, premium features, etc. And I’ll want to know what is the best digital camera (make & model) you have at your disposal to photograph it.

2. I’ll advise you—as we’re concluding the call—to move your mouse to the Cobra Photography—Expert Tips menu and choose the first link: “Cobra Photography Done wrong, Done right.” Then scroll down thru all those pairs of before/after Cobra photos. You’ll marvel over how much better each photo on the RHS is. Especially when you recall that each and every one of those matched pairs of photos was shot by the same owner and using the same camera… but before & after following my very specific Tips.

I assembled that Done wrong, Done right scrolling photo gallery to ‘jump start’ your natural ability to distinguish a commonplace… and quite typical… crappy Cobra snapshot from a good Cobra photo that will help to motivate prospective buyers.

Then we’ll start the process of getting your car front-and-center on The World Stage!
661-251-0806 (9am–6pm Pacific Time) [please include your phone number(s) in your email]


Sidewinder Tip: you can instantly find/return to this ‘Posting my Car‘ page by just using Sidewinder. For example, type <How do I advertise my Cobra?> or <Can I post my GT350?> or even <Where do I start?> into the ‘Sidewinder’ search box.]

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