SAAC—The Bunker (Choosing a Track to Please Everyone)

Choosing a Track
to Please Everyone

 You Tube video spectacular hosted by Rick Kopec, filmed by 3RProductions

Summer, 2009

Many of you Cobra [and Daytona Coupe and GT40 and Shelby GT350/GT500] enthusiasts are members of SAAC (Shelby American Automobile Club), and as such, have attended and participated in SAAC’s annual conventions and track events. This year it’s SAAC-34 at BeaveRun Motorsports Complex, Wampum, Pennsylvania—between Pittsburgh and Cleveland—August 6, 7 & 8, 2009.

Many of you no doubt wonder just how the decisions are arrived at regarding which major motorsports facility will be chosen for each future SAAC National Convention. So this year [SAAC CEO] Rick Kopec unilaterally resolved to dedicate the lion’s share of the club’s limited resources to hiring a film production company to document the track-selection process; you’ll watch as Rick calmly and skillfully guides and directs SAAC’s executive vassals through the highly-refined process of selecting the track facility for SAAC-36’s (i.e., 2011) convention.

The cast-of-characters featured, mentioned or otherwise maligned in this epic display of camaraderie and mirthful dorkudrama are:

  • Rick Kopec, Meeting Coordinator [aka “Bunker Mentality Kopec”]
  • Howard Pardee [you know Howard as the brains behind SAAC; you can see him standing behind Kopec alongside some skinny little guy with a big schnoz]
  • Colleen Kopec [seen in the adjacent hallway discussing the various meeting topics with a sleazy barmaid from Torrington]
  • Fran [Why’s everybody always picking on me?] Kress
  • Curt Vogt [lug loosener at Cobra Automotive]
    —and last and least—
  • Ned Scudder 
  • Ron Richards 
  • Dirk Gasterland 
  • Bob Aliberto 
  • Dave Winkler 
  • Ken Young 

Brought to you by the conniving collaborators of Cobra Country, here’s the dorkumentary footage of that momentous meeting:


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