SAAC Does Vegas 4

Cobra Country’s masthead for LASAAC (L.A. Shelby American Automobile Club) chapter, 7th Annual Show

SAAC Does Vegas 4

photo coverage of this year’s Las Vegas interlude by Bill Kuers

4-6 February 2000

above: That’s not Shelby’s venerable CSX3056 raw aluminum 427S/C, but a CSX4000 out of British Columbia (Canada), which is outfitted to replicate Shelby’s own #98 car.

above: GT350 and GT500 Shelby Mustangs were in ample supply



at left: underhood equipment on that fine GT500 in the photo above.



Tom Kirkham and Carroll share their thoughts.

Kirkham Motorsports produces Shelby’s splendid lineup of aluminum-bodied 427s and 289FIAs.

above: Series 1 Production facility, located near Las Vegas Speedway.



at right: the substructure of Shelby-American’s Cobra.



at right: Bill Kuers gets a memorable ride!



at left: Robert Cobb (of Houston, Texas) with Carroll. Robert has a killer 1969 yellow/black ‘Boss’ Mustang that he just finished restoring.


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