Annual Convention
Irvine, California

Saturday, 12 February 2011
by Curt Scott

7:30am Saturday, 12 February 2011. This is the resoundingly popular Cars & Coffee gathering place in Irvine, California… about 3 miles from Superformance/Shelby Distribution USA headquarters. That dazzling red ’33 hi-boy in the background is one of the hot rods on display in Superformance’s showroom… not exactly Shelby metal but a Ford drivin’ machine none-the-less.

At Cars & Coffee 8:00am: George Anderson (of Gessford Machine in Hastings, Nebraska) and Nancy Roberts (of Arias Pistons in Gardena, California), guests of honor at the SCOF/SCOA festivities.

An hour later: the merrymaking continues at Superformance/Shelby Distribution USA headquarters… just a short sprint from Cars & Coffee.

This new Shelby 289FIA is owned and raced by none other than Bob Stockwell. (President of the COCOACobra Owners Club of America (Orange County, California Chapter)

Deborah Stander with #2 son Branden… two of the stalwarts of the Superformance team; unfortunately (son) Ashton and (daughter) Shayna weren’t around for this shot.

Carroll’s #98 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe—now on display here at Superformance/Shelby Distribution USA headquarters.

Superformance’s new 289FIA entry in the firm’s serpent-sweepstakes. Also coming in the near future: an all-aluminum 260/289 ‘slabside’ Cobra replica.

above: Lance, Deborah and (the indefatigable) SCOF/SCOA President Randy Thomas—who tirelessly organized, arranged and choreographed this gala event. You can see the firm’s new Perana in the background.

above: Randy and Lance addressing the gathered multitudes.

above: Lance and Deborah share with Randy (offscreen) in hosting the prize drawings.

Unfortunately absent from my coverage was Mike Stenhouse (of Superformance Owners Registry renown)… whose schedule didn’t let him attend this year’s gathering.

This “Superformance Owners Association” convention coverage was brought to you courtesy of the megasite!


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