Wall Art—Investment Grade

Wall Art—Investment Grade

Curt and I began purchasing Shelby items from The Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation in 1996. Some we purchased at car shows and many more purchased directly from  Shelby Headquarters in Gardena, California. Some of the more valuable items are still in our possession and it’s time to let them go. Watch for them here in our Legacy Shop on Cobra Country.

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Ferrari Beater

by Martin Tomlinson
personally signed by Carroll Shelby, Bob Bondurant and Martin Tomlinson (artist)

Caption reads: “Bob Bondurant  and Dan Gurney drove a Cobra Daytona Coupe at LeMans 20-21 June 1964. Against strong opposition from Ferrari GTOs, this pairing won the GT class by finishing fourth overall. From an original painting by Tomlinson, specially commissioned by The Shelby Transplant Trust.”

measures 14” x 19”  (36cm x 48cm) safely
stored for years

You get a frameable, parchment-style Certificate of Authenticity with this Carroll Shelby–autographed art print.

Ferrari Beater w/text


Petersen Automotive Museum Gala Grand Opening
9 June 1994

by George Bartell
personally signed by Carroll Shelby
and Bob Petersen

measures 25 x 36 (62cm x 91.5cm) safely stored for years

You get a frameable, parchment-style Certificate of Authenticity with this Carroll Shelby–autographed art print.

$275—free shipping U.S. only
California residents must add $25.44
California sales tax

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