Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC)
Founded in 1975
The club is dedicated to the preservation, care, history and enjoyment of the World Championship Cars built by Shelby American.


*NorCal SAAC
P.O. Box 700789

San Jose, CA 95170


*LASAAC (Los Angeles)


*LASAAC (United Kingdom)


Cobra Owners Club of America, Inc. (COCOA)
P.O. Box 823

La Canãda, California 991012


Great Lakes Cobra Club
Jeff Grice, President

(586) 489-5990


Kentucky Cobra Club
Formed in 2003
Headquarters: 2432 Crittenden Drive, Suite 201; Louisville, Kentucky 40217
President: Juan Lopez-Bonilla502-558-2904; email:
Chief Executive: Vince Lubbers; 859-623-1899;

You don’t have to reside in or be from Kentucky to belong to our Cobra club. We have over 400 members from all over the United States, Canada and abroad… from just about every state in the US, and also in Chile, Australia, Austria, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and even Dubai. We require no dues or fees to belong to our club, just a hankering to participate in our Club activities. And whether you can be physically present and/or participating at the events or here mainly as a distant/online member only, that’s fine with us. And visit our website. Stay awhile and familiarize yourself with our club. You’ll like our little conference of Cobra enthusiasts… we can almost guarantee it. We love our drivin’ machines, but our motto says it all: “Kentucky Cobra Club —it’s All About The People.”

If you possess a Cobra, Daytona Coupe, GT40, Shelby GT350 or GT500, Pantera, Sunbeam Alpine or any other Shelby “metal”… Welcome! If you don’t and want to take part just the same, you’re welcome to do just that! We schedule monthly gatherings called Snakes ‘n’ Eggs. Try to make it to one of those and you’ll be hooked.


Mid America Cobra Club
Wayne Blair, President

(816) 654-4448 cell


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