Die Cast Autographed

Collectible Die Cast Autographed

Exoto Cobra Daytona Coupe
#56 “Ford of France” 

Personally signed by Carroll Shelby

You get a frameable, parchment-style Certificate of Authenticity with this Carroll Shelby–autographed Dayona model.

1:18 scale-9.25″ (23.4.cm) long by 4″ (10.cm) wide.

chassis# CSX2300 #56 Daytona Coupe (Nürburgring, Germany, 1965, drivers Jo Schlesser and André Simon, painted white with blue stripes). This car competed in five FIA races in 1964 & ’65. Nürburgring was its first race as an Alan Mann team car, where it took 3rd place in GTIII.

Several Daytona Coupe collectors have asked us why the passenger-side seat of the original coupes (and of the Exoto die-casts) is angled about 15° or so to the right. I phoned Pete Brock today (24 June 1998) and posed the question to him. His reply: “The rear wheel wells of The Coupe encroached too far into the passenger compartment for the seats to fit square; the obvious solution (of reducing the size of the wheel well to allow the proper attitude of the seat) was applied for the driver’s side only, since in any event there was no passenger in most competition driving.” There’s your answer, straight from The Coupe’s distinguished designer!


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