Publications: the Prized, the Rare

Publications: the Prized, the Rare

Curt and I began purchasing Shelby items from The Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation in the early 1990s. Some purchased at car shows and many more purchased directly from Shelby Headquarters in Gardena, California. When we purchased items elsewhere we drove them to Gardena for Carroll Shelby to sign and made large donations to the CSCF. Some of the more valuable items are still in our possession and it’s time to let them go. Watch for them here in our Legacy Shoppe on Cobra Country. Judy Scott

1957 Sports Illustrated magazine

Sports Illustrated
March 25, 1957

The feature/cover article (pp.69–73), by SI Staff Writer Kenneth Rudeen, is titled “The Gentle Leadfoot.” The article subtitle reads “Carroll Shelby is America’s hottest driver and principal hope at Sebring. Behind the homespun façade is a perceptive man.’

The contents page reads: “America’s foremost sports car driver, as Kenneth Rudeen discovers, is a charming as well as valorous man. Here is his story, as revealed in a visit to his Texas home.”

Personally signed by Carroll Shelby

Magazine is in mostly good condition, with some wear on the front cover (which you can see in the photo).

You get a frameable, parchment-style Certificate of Authenticity with this Carroll Shelby–autographed art print.



Remembering the Shelby Years 1962 – 1969C

Interviews (and much of the photography) executed by author Dave Friedman. Hardcover, slipcased, hi-quality glossy paper. Over 300 pages. 81 personal/illustrated interviews with Legend-era luminaries ranging (alphabetically) from Charlie Agapiou to Bob Bondurant to Phil Hill to Alan Mann to Bob Olthoff to (Sir) John Whitmore. Published January 1st 1998.

Personally signed by Carroll Shelby on 2-pages of this book.

Signed on the Foreword page and signed again on p.112 with a personal message to his Chief Engineer Fred Goodell “Love ya Fred. Your friend, Carroll Shelby.” That’s Goodell (above, p. 112 of the book) behind the wheel of his extremely rare (one-of-a-kind, in fact) 1968-1/2 Shelby GT500 EXP “Green Hornet” prototype.

This book was purchased from the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation in 1999 and is NOS, opened only  to be signed by Carroll and to scan-in these images.

Carroll explained to us at the time that he had inadvertently signed four books to be presented to Fred, and he chose to put up for sale the three ‘extras’ that now boast the added provenance of having been signed to present to the renowned Fred Goodell.

You get a frameable, parchment-style Certificate of Authenticity with this
Carroll Shelby–autographed book.


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