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Here it is (hotlinked at the very bottom of this page) folks—the latest version of my “Cobra Photography Tips for Dipsticks”… I couldn’t call it “…for Dummies,” because Wiley Publishing’s cadre of legal eagles would’ve come after me with all guns blazing. And rightfully so.

That said, thousands of Cobra (and Daytona Coupe and GT40 and GT350) owners have benefited immensely after carefully following CobraCountry’s expert photography tips.

One of them, Harland Dorrinson of Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, New York, sent us a batch of (untutored) snapshots he took of his Coca Cola Vending Machine Red & White(not kidding) Cobra, using his fine Canon Rebel T4i  digicam.

Here’s the head-on frontal shot that Harland [not his real name, and he doesn’t live in Hell’s Kitchen] sent to us:

Harland was particularly proud of that shot, opining that it really shows off the persona of his Cobra. I gently agreed that it’s okay, but suggested he should perhaps read and follow our Cobra Photography Tips… just to see if he can get some even better results.

Here’s the frontal shot that Harland captured by following our Tips (using his same Canon ‘Rebel’ digicam):

What do you think? Pretty snappy, eh? His red dazzler went from ‘squatting toad’ to ‘rapidly-approaching hammerhead shark’… just by learning how to use his camera to shoot his Cobra. All of his other new shots came out astonishingly better as well. Harland was elated.

Here’s the reality: if you took that same frontal shot of your Cobra with your digital camera, it’d almost surely come out looking pretty much like the one you see in Harland’s first photo. Reason being, almost everything your brain and your instinct guide you to do… as you stalk around your serpent saying to yourself “Let me try this ‘n’ this ‘n’ this” to capture it with your camera… is dead wrong.

Again: Dead Wrong. Even if you’re a professional photographer… in fact, especially if you’re a professional photographer. That’s why you’ll wisely follow our Tips and consult the dedicated Checklists as you shoot your car.

And the first thing you’ll do is phone me to describe your car, your camera and your available shooting location so that you’ll have all the advance preparation you need to capture your car like the staff photographers of Car and Driver. Not kidding.

—Curt’s Cobra Photography Tips for Dipsticks 


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