Pro and Advanced Photographers—Do it Right or Take a Hike.

If you’re considering hiring a photographer to photograph your Cobra [or Daytona Coupe or GT40] for you, take a stroll (or a scroll) down this page first and see for yourself why we grimace when someone tells us he’s sending us photos taken by a “pro.” You see, some of the most inept moto photos we encounter comes from advanced and professional photographers who think that merely knowing how to operate their fancy camera qualifies them as a moto photographer. I call ’em ‘pixel-harvesting prima donnas.’ And I’m being kind. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Step 2: Cobra Photography Tips for Dipsticks.

This industry’s ‘Go to guide’ for Cobra owners who intend to place their Shelby serpent up for sale. It’s a tour de force tutorial by veteran Cobra photographer Curt Scott: “There’s one thing you should be aware of when you aim your camera at your Cobra or Cobra replica: almost everything your brain and your instinct guide you to do… as you stalk around your serpent saying to yourself ‘Let me try this ‘n’ this ‘n’ this’ as you capture it with your camera… is dead wrong. Again: Dead Wrong. At best your photos will be harmless; at worst your roadway reptile will resemble a roadkill rattlesnake. That’s why you need to carefully follow these Tips when you photograph your serpent for resale.”

Document Scanning Tips.

There may be several documents and various other items (flat stuff) that you may consider (or need) to make a copy of to use in marketing your Cobra or Daytona Coupe or GT40. Don’t even THINK of trying to use your camera or your iPhone to copy documents or other flat stuff. This is what flatbed scanners are created for. Your scan copy quality (versus that of your camera or iPhone) will be orders of magnitude better in both image quality and ‘flat perspective,’ and the compressed filesize of the image will typically be significantly smaller. A win-win-win scenario.

Step 1: Cobra Photography Done wrong, Done right.

Photo feature. CobraCountry’s “Quick Start Introduction” to good Cobra photography. Each snapshot ON THE LEFT of each pair was shot by the owner… before he encountered this site’s Cobra Photography Tips. Each photo ON THE RIGHT is how that same owner—using the same consumer-grade digital camera—recaptured the shot by carefully following our Cobra Photography Tips. No rocket science involved. One other li’l thing: every Cobra you see on this page (using those RHS photos, of course) sold on CobraCountry.